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9 celebs who love to flaunt their pinkies!

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“Perked up and dressed my pinkies, I am all set to flaunt my fingers, to make a point, or to just lull the world mum.”
Right now we’re totally in the nail zone. From pristine pastels to glittering shimmers, many a shade is doing hula hoops in the twinkling, vanity-crazed parts of our brains. So we decided to hunt out all our favorite celebrities who love showing off their nail art designs on the red carpet, Twitter and Instagram.
Khloe Kardashian
The youngest Kardashian sister’s Instagram account is a corsage of nail arts and designs. We love the artistic expression of her long and sleek nails!
Kylie Jenner
Her SinfulColors line of nail enamels is creating waves. Funks of the hues are a reflection of younger Jenner’s affable taste while painting her pinkies.
Katy Perry
The queen of sass, that she is, and her groovy nail arts make her all the more so. Wild, dripping polkas, crazy patterns, or just tripping stripes, she rocks them
Lady Gaga
If you thought that only her crazy ensembles have the flair to deliver a double whammy, take a look at her nail art. From bejewelling her pinkies to bloody claws, she’s done it all.
Lily Allen
How else you could you go to Japan? Lily loves paying a visit to Britney Tokyo, an LA based nail artist who specializes in Japanese designs inspired by the country’s stunning natural beauty.
Priyanka Chopra
A new hot trend in town and Piggy Chops not on top of it? Tut, tut, that ain’t happening. Her black-yellow nail art sure had us raving here.
Kareena Kapoor
The style maiden is on fleek where her nails are concerned. Always prim, proper, and manicured, she favours hues of red, black and even a royal golden, on her pretty, prepped nails.
Alia Bhatt
The brand ambassador for Maybelline Color Show, she ranks up there on the nail art quotient. Be it pink shockers or the cool cat’s black and gold, she flaunts it all boldly.
Sonakshi Sinha
The bold and brassy actress is a nail bee too! She actually made a grand entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for her participation in the “most people painting their nails simultaneously”, this year.
Get your nail game on with the choicest picks from Nykaa!
Start by pampering your pinkies!
Then go flaunt your colours!
Jewel-up for that beguiling spice!
Comment below on the nail art you can’t wait to try.
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