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9 Skincare Must-Haves for the Monsoon Bride

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Your carriage awaits. Your wedding dress winks a shy hello, and the blush that creeps up your cheeks alights worlds. Hello, senorita! Clouds impregnated with love, and soft, flowery breezes announce the dawn of monsoons. It’s your wedding day and you need to whip up your mojo, nice and slow. The storms have tucked themselves in and the harsh breezes have agreed not to invade. All you need now, is to look your absolute best.
Tada! We give you nine no-stress beauty dos for a smashing D-Day entrance:
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Oil Control 101
The monsoons can be pretty cranky by upping the oil secretion of your pores. Take charge and make sure to wash your face at least 3-4 times a day. Use a lightweight moisturizer to keeps your skin fresh and supple.
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Choose Water Based Makeup
While you swear by your foundation, it may not be the wisest decision for the monsoons. Instead, opt for one with a water or liquid based formulation that will ensure a clean, matte finish. You could top it up with an oil-absorbent powder to help you seal your makeup perfectly.
Pampering Goals
You are the bride-to-be. Hold on. Cut the running around and head to your favourite spa. Do you know what your skin is screaming at the moment? “Attention!”
Nails and Feet
Wouldn’t you simply cringe at the sight of dead skin and chipped nails peeking through your glittery footwear? Especially, when monsoon begets sticky mud and dirt spots.  Thought so. Dig up some time to keep your feet and nails on point.
Hair Tales
The more elaborate your wedding hairdo, the bigger the chances of ruin. Keep it classy, but simple. Your hair glories shouldn’t be washed away with the rains.
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Goodbye, Chemicals
Use mild beauty products. A simple hair regime like shampooing and conditioning works better than all those chemical laden treatments. Refrain from experimenting with your beauty rituals until post-wedding.
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Bag That Sunscreen
Let’s not forget that Indian monsoons are part-summer, part-rains. As the bride-to-be, your sexy appeal does not lie in sunburns. Don’t leave home without applying a lightweight SPF 50+ sunscreen and pair of sunglasses.
Happy Protein-ing
Being a bride can be stressful to your neurons. And those tubs of ice-cream might just spell “D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R”. Consume a high protein diet to keep your skin demands in check.
Bed Time
You may want to stay up all night fantasizing about that wedding, but it’s not going to help your under-eye bags. To stay gorgeous, binge on at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.
Let’s get wedding bells ringing!
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