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’90s hairstyle trends that have made a comeback

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Look around. All the hot-n-happening hair trends today are inspired by all things ’90s.  What a time that was. Multicolored scrunchies, crimps, claw clips and topsy tails. The Spice Girls were spreading their version of Girl Power around the world, Britney Spears was the acrobatic diva of the high pony and flicks, Jennifer Rachel Aniston’s choppy, layered coif ruled the waves, and Pretty Woman Julia Roberts’ big, bedhead hairstyle was everywhere you looked. They’re all back! It was a strange and wonderful time and if you missed the ’90s, you’ll be happy they’re back.
IT was a favorite of every 90s star from teen witch Sabrina Spellman to girl next door Lizzie McGuire. But how on earth can you wear it today without looking too ’90s? The trick is to add a few accent sections to bring some texture to your style. Get it by crimping small sections of hair to create a bedhead style. Pair it with a leather jacket for a cool, grunge look.
Singer Rita Ora, plus a few fall runway shows recently showed off scrunchie adorned models. In terms of practicality, scrunchies are great because they’re gentle on hair and add a colourful touch to boring styles. Bring the style up to by keeping your style sleek and smooth or make the scrunchie the focus of your look by styling it around the end of a cool braid.
Butterfly Clips
Hair accessories are to the '90s what hairspray was to the ’80s. Diamante studded and plastic butterfly clips were the ultimate fashion accessory and everyone from Pamela Anderson to Britney Spears sported the fun accessory as either a wobbly hair clip or a small comb clip. Clearly the butterfly clip has proved a truly timeless accessory even on the red carpet. Clearly you can’t go wrong with wings!
Middle parting
And you though the trend had died its natural death. No chance! Kim Kardashian brought it back to life and its time you embraced it too. The coolest style today is no longer on the side lines, its front and center. And judging by how slimming and modern it looks, it’s not going away any time soon.
Hair jewelry
Who didn’t love hair gems in the '90s? It was the easiest way to add some gltiz and glam to your hairstyle. And luckily for us, the trend is back again. To showcase your sparkle smoothen down tresses and into a low pony and find a hair accessory that matches your natural hair color as a subtle update on the classic rhinestone look of the ’90s.
Colored streaks
Colored hair is not strictly a 90’s trend but it fits into the whole “punk” vibe. Back in the day pink, blue and purple streaks were the best—and least destructive—way of rebelling against authority. They’re back. Subtler and less in your face but colourful nonetheless. Darker haired beauties look stunning in purple and crimson streaks. Try it!
The Rachel
“The Rachel” was the most popular haircut of the decade with women everywhere taking photos of Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Friends’ character to their salons. Choppy, layered and framing the face, “The Rachel” epitomises ’90s hair, and frankly it’s still as popular today as it was then.
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