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’90s TV stars who changed fashion forever

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Fashionistas have always relied on television shows to launch their own fashion goals. Look around, whether it’s House of Cards, Pretty Little Liars or Empire, each of these modern shows have a peculiar fashion sense right from Blueberry silhouettes to Prada and Dior dresses. But where have these cult shows taken their fashionspiration from? Definitely not the ’90s, for that decade was better known for its ill fitted suits, over-the-top colors and shoulder padded jackets. But there were some exceptions; here are five ’90s TV show characters who gave us serious fashion goals and changed the way we dress forever.
DJ Tanner
90s TV stars who changed fashion forever - 1
Our most beloved family sitcom of the ’90s was way ahead of its time and looking at DJ Tanner’s fashion choices, you would certainly agree with that. Blazers, off-the-shoulder tops, colorful skirts, denim shirts, sheer dresses and gold tassels, this girl gave us major fashion goals to look forward to.
Carrie Bradshaw
90s TV stars who changed fashion forever - 3
With names like Patricia Field and Manolo Blahnik at the forefront, one would have anyway expected the show to up the fashion quotient. Carrie Bradshaw’s New York City style included a lot of dramatic skirts, tutus, fur coats and heels complimented by her nameplate necklaces and bold accessories. Need we say more!
Dana Scully
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Scully was clearly the crowd favorite when it came to minimalist style icons. Although we are definitely not talking about shoulder pads here, we loved the way she carried trench coats, plaid blazers, power suits and suit skirts. Formal wear at its best! 
Hilary Banks
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Karyn Parsons as Hilary Banks gave us the highs with her tailored blazers and skirt suits. Maxi skirts, chokers, denim shorts and turtleneck dresses, oh how we loved her style!   
Rachel Green
90s TV stars who changed fashion forever - 9
We can’t complete this list without mentioning the effervescent Jennifer Aniston. Striped skirts, formal suits, bootcut jeans, layered skirts, denim dresses and that classic Rachel haircut, this lady gave us major fashion goals throughout the ’90s. 
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