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A beauty queen’s bedside essentials guide

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So that you wake up looking like a princess! .
We can’t stop singing the praises of a good night’s sleep. Happy mood, higher energy levels, better memory, clearer skin…the list can go on. All of us have little night time rituals that help us drift off into the land of nod. But the numero uno rules of flawless, happy skin are a makeup-free complexion and customized night care routine. Well-toned, moisturized skin in the p.m. equals gorgeous skin in the a.m. Read on for the five must-have bedtime beauty essentials that are not just skin saviors but beautifiers par excellence. You’ll never have another dry, itchy, inflamed skin emergency in the middle of the night. Promise!
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Night cream
While most daytime moisturizers contain SPF to protect skin from free radical damage, night creams are a must because they are formulated to improve skin tone and texture while you sleep. It’s important that you choose a formula suited to your skin concerns. If fine lines and wrinkles are ruining your looks look for a formula containing Retinol, Peptides, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. Dry, flaky skin on face or neck? Choose the best night cream with hydrating ingredients such as Shea Butter, Argan Oil or Jojoba Oil. Pigmentation ruining your complexion? Look for a cream with skin lightening ingredients Vitamin C and Kojic Acid. The skin regenerates as you sleep so choose a night cream wisely.
Body Lotion
While most women are particular about using day lotions with SPF, very few use body lotion at night. Dermatologists say that sunlight and pollution robs the skin of nutrients, making it dull and lifeless. A specialized body moisturizer in the p.m. helps to regenerate and repair skin cells and restore lost moisture. Therefore, it’s important to use a heavy duty lotion in winters when moisture loss is highest and a light, water-based hydrating formula for the summers. Use it liberally all over and wake up to soft, plump and hydrated skin all over.
Hand cream
You wouldn’t wash your face without applying moisturizer afterwards. Then why not do the same for your hands? Those hard working hands are the first place to show signs of aging so using a good hand cream nightly is the best way to repair and restore damaged skin on hands. Your regular body lotion won’t do because the skin on the back of your hands is thinner with fewer oil glands, and dries up very quickly. Meanwhile the skin on your palms is thicker, so only moisture binding, rich hand creams can penetrate skin. For daytime use a hand cream with SPF is a must but in the p.m. use something richer with anti-aging or skin lightening properties. If it feels sticky wear a pair of cotton gloves (old socks will also do) for 15 minutes till the formula seeps in. Today hand creams have been formulated to treat dozens of skin conditions from fading age spots to dryness. Look for ingredients like Vitamin E, Shea Butter, essential oils, Glycerin and Collagen; the last two ingredients are a boon for hands that aging skin. Use nightly for happy, gorgeously soft hands.
Lip Balm
Lips can dry out during the night, especially if you breathe through your mouth or sleep in an air-conditioned room. It’s always a good idea to slather on some lip balm at night to give your lips a chance to heal, regenerate and hydrate through the night. To get kissably soft lips apply balm after gently exfoliating your lips with your toothbrush. Reapply any time you feel them getting tight or dry. I tend to keep two or three lip balms on my bedside table so that they are handy whenever I need them and I don’t have to fidget around finding one in the middle of the night. One word of advice; steer clear of scented balms for night time use. They tend to have a drying effect.
Face Mist
A blessing for dry, sensitive and irritated skin! A facial mist is something I keep handy everywhere; in my handbag, on my dresser, in my office drawer and on my bedside table. I have combination skin and tend to get dry patches on cheeks during harsh dry winters and hot summers. A gentle spritz of facial mist is instantly soothing to irritated skin. Available in spray form, mists help restore the skin’s pH balance after cleansing, and increase hydration levels when followed up by moisturizer on still-damp skin
Finally, a couple of books and plenty of water before going to bed to detoxify skin. You might not need all five must-haves every night but it’s always good to have them handy. Now what are bedside beauty essentials?
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