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A Comprehensive Guide On Hair Serums And Why Should You Always Carry One In Your Bag

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When I’m in front of the mirror, my first and last step while getting ready always involves my hairwhether to style it or to care for it. I love my hair. It's my favourite feature, and I like to spend time on the fall, the cut, the texture and the length so it looks perfect before I step out. But the quickest and easiest way to know for sure that all my effort will stand against all odds, commutes, and humidity, is a good hair serum.

Hair serums, similar to facial serums, provide an instant boost of hydration and nourishment for taming frizz or untangling messy hair. Some hair serums also focus on protecting your hair from sun damage or heat from styling tools, while some are packed with benefits that cater to hair growth, scalp care, and the overall health of your hair.

How are serums different from hair oils, finishing oils, or hair mists, you ask? Here’s a simple way to distinguish between them all. Hair oils and finishing oils have a very thick, pure-oil-based consistency. Oils seep deep into your strands as well as the scalp to hydrate from within, unlike serums that coat your hair as a protective layer and hydrate topically. Hair mists, on the other hand, have the lightest consistency among these. They are usually perfumed, and lend freshness to dull hair. Hair serums, finally, are lightweight elixirs that are powered with actives, and hair-loving ingredients to hydrate, protect, and strengthen your hair. They also don’t leave your hair greasy (if you use the right amount of product).

Ahead, a few serums that I love, that have helped me achieve good hair days. P.S. If you’re planning to travel soon, these hardworking products will assure fabulous Instagram-worthy pictures too!

It’s All About The Gloss

Life is too short to have dull and boring hair. The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum is what I carry for my night outs, and brunches. Not only does it add instant shine, but it also makes it smooth and super soft. I can let my hair down (pun intended) without any hassle or struggle. This one time, I used this serum on damp hair before stepping out of the house, and once more after I reached my destination and it just felt extremely lightweight, and smelt heavenly.

Grandma’s Recipe In A Bottle

When I was a kid, I used to run in the other direction every time my grandmother tried applying onion juice to my scalp. Cut to the present and I can’t stop researching onion-infused products (I swear). The Mamaearth Onion Scalp Serum With Onion Biotin is the one I’ve tried and tested over time, it’s delivered what it promises. I use this on my towel-dried hair after every hair wash. My hair is noticeably fuller with less breakage and no tangles.

No Frizz To Dampen My Mood

I have naturally straight hair, and frizz has never really been that much of an issue for me. But the Mumbai heat has the power to thwart my genetic gifts during summers, especially post commuting (train travellers, pay close attention). I use the Schwarzkopf Osis Magic Anti Frizz Shine Serum which gives me flowy hair that’s shiny and easy to manage. Powered with glycerine and silicon particles, this serum instantly hydrates, and reduces stubborn frizz.

Protect Your Mane From The Toasty Rays

Did you know that just like your skin, your hair needs sunscreen too? If you didn’t, it is not too late. My friend first introduced me to UV protecting hair serums while we were vacationing on a beach. Within a couple of days, my hair was brittle, thin and dry with split ends, while she aced all her hair flips on Instagram. So, I tried her serum that day, and it truly changed the health of my hair. It was The Earth Collective Hair Serum, Sun Protection and it’s infused with argan, alfalfa, and orange extracts that protect hair from the harmful UV rays. Tbh, my hair just feels so much healthier, and softer.

A Tall Drink For Thirsty Hair

Who knew hyaluronic acid can work wonders for hair as well? One of my favourite skincare brands, Dot & Key, whipped up the perfect concoction of hyaluronic acid, ceramides, plant-based keratin, quinoa protein and olive oil, that truly nourish and care for dry hair. The Dot & Key Hyaluronic + Ceramide Hair Treatment Serum is what I gifted my mother who has terribly dry hair and frizzy hair, and she loves how it makes her hair soft, shiny, and sleek.

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