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A CSMS Routine for Oily Skin Type

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A CSMS Routine for Oily Skin Type

A perpetual oil slick on the face, irksome breakouts, and stacks of blotting paper in my carry-on – welcome to a day in the life of an oily skin gal. Yes, I have grappled with excessive skin greasiness all my life. After squandering a bunch of choicest products and the big bucks, I came to a staggering realisation…

Sounds familiar? Scroll further for the big revelation.

No matter what the skin type, adopting a result-oriented approach is essential –a grave oversight in my initial skincare regimen. Mindless lathering of the trendiest creams or serums (not meant for my skin type or concern) can be counterproductive. So, to streamline my efforts for great skin, I simplified my skincare to a four-step CSMS routine. And the results have been mind-boggling!

What is CSMS ?

For the unversed, CSMS or Cleanser-Serum-Moisturiser-Sunscreen is a dermatologically approved routine which treats underlying skin conditions (according to the product used). It is concise, simple, and frills free. If you are an oily skin gal looking to switch up your skincare regimen, here’s a foolproof one to help you stand in good stead. No extravagant products needed – just be consistent!

Don’t Skimp on Cleansing

A potent cleanser removes dirt, grime, and pollution from the skin – leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated. For oily skin, pick formulations with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and glycolic acid. These exfoliants wash off dead, dried cells from the dermis to reveal a clean, bright surface. The above ingredients also cut the excess oil or sebum to maintain a balanced skin microbiome.

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Serums for Results

Serums are lightweight concots, supercharged with active ingredients that seep into the skin to treat underlying concerns.

For oily skin, I recommend investing in a salicylic-infused formula which works on multiple concern areas. The workhorse breaks bonds between dead cells to decongest pores, reduces sebum product and soothes the skin (thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties). The MVP of exfoliants, salicylic acid prevents episodes of acne, another common concern for people with an oily skin type.

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Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Skimping on moisturiser because the skin feels greasy can negate all your efforts for good skin! The absence of a moisture film on the dermis leads to skin dehydration. This grave overnight flags off the sebaceous glands into an overdrive mode to compensate for the lack of water content. To combat this problem, look for lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturisers that seal moisture into the skin without any repercussions. If you have bouts of acne (accompanied by redness or inflammation), steer clear of SLS, and fragrance and alcohol-based products at all costs.

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Sunscreen for All Seasons

Whether it's a sunny morning or a cloudy evening, sunscreen is non-negotiable. And the oily skin type is no exception to this rule! However, the challenge for folks like us is finding the perfect whip that offers continued sun protection without suffocating the skin. I recommend adding non-comedogenic, pore-control, and mattifying sunscreen into your skincare routine.

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No matter your skin type, a CSMS regimen, tailored to your concerns can help achieve your skincare goals. Stay tuned for more content on simplified skincare that bear results.

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