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A Diwali Gifting Guide As LIT As The Festival

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The faint smell of gunpowder in the air, streets adorned with fairy lights, and omnipresent boxes of kaju katli– Diwali is here, and we’re already hand-painting diyas.
As the start of a new year draws close, it’s time to light up the lives of the women who’ve made the past year special in so many ways. This Diwali ditch the usual box of dry fruits and invest your money (and efforts) in something more thoughtful. How? Let us figure out the logistics for you.

Here are the perfect beauty gifts for all types of girls:

Dressy Day, Every Day

As weird as it may seem, she will carefully line and fill her lip even when she’s going grocery shopping. She has zero off days when it comes to the demanding routines of the makeup world. A creepy stalker of beauty bloggers, this piece of gorgeousness believes in building her online makeup cart in her free time. Her contouring skills are the shiz and her kickass nail art ideas… let’s not even get there.

Perf Gift Ideas: Nykaa Matte To Last! Liquid Lipstick Collection Set I, Huda Beauty Contour & Strobe Lip Set, Ellement Co. Just-A-Minute Gel Nail Polish Kit

Holistic Beauty 101

A proud vegan, you’ll find this organic enthusiast getting into frequent heated debates about animal cruelty. Don’t be surprised if you find her rescuing stray squirrels or spending Sundays in her kitchen garden. Nobody enjoys the outdoors as much as her and you can never put a stop to her herbal hoarding disorder. Look carefully and you’ll probably find the words ‘Peace For Everyone’ printed on her coffee mug.

Perf Gift Ideas: Nykaa Soap Story Spa at Home Gift Set, Kama Ayurveda Ayurvedic Wellness Gift Box, Nykaa Floral Nectar Hand & Nail Creme Gift Set

As Lazy As A Sloth

First things first, she’s forever running late. She belongs to an infamous community where humans snooze their alarm for an hour before finally crawling out of their beds. Ironing a wrinkled shirt or plugging in the blow-dryer seems like a luxury, considering she barely has time to brush her teeth before rushing out the door. As much as she envies her work bud for dressing up on point each day, makeup seems too far-fetched an idea for her.

Perf Gift Ideas: Maybelline New York Combo, L'Oreal Paris Combo, Nykaa Eyes Combo, SUGAR Combo

Fit As A Fiddle

She’s super-fit and that’s not news. Even the cheesiest slice of pizza can’t deter her self-control levels and you hate that. Every morning without fail, she’s out the door jogging her way to glory, while you’re still considering retiring after some Netflix binging. She eats clean (even when she’s PMS-ing) and meditates occasionally (for inner peach, duh). For her, fitness comes first… ain’t no doubt about that.

Perf Gift Ideas: Zivame Crossback Sports Bra, Silvertraq Women's Mesh Cross Leggings Black, Yogabar Assorted Multigrain Energy Bar Pack Of 10

The Globe - trotting Chick

Her little black book of adventures (read passport) is always out of space, that’s how much she travels. Constantly living out of a suitcase, she’s mastered the art of conquering jetlag. Her travel tales are endless and her jet setting-lifestyle, enviable. The best part, however, is that the constant geographical distance between the two of you says nothing about the bond you share.

Perf Gift Ideas: Peebuddy Premium Travel Hygiene Kit For Her, Votre Skin Brightening CTM Travel Kit, GUBB USA Travel Sleeping Kit, TS Manicure Set Box (Travel Friendly)

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