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A LANEIGE Of Goodness

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Skincare like fashion goes through myriad trends. Currently if there’s a new trend setting off, it most likely began in South Korea or ‘So-Ko’. We’ve all scrolled the ‘Gram endlessly watching in awe as South Korean women experiment with wacky ingredients like snail-secretions, bat-dropping facials, jelly face creams and serious skincare in jars shaped like pandas. Now with Korean brands making a splash in India, there’s no excuse for not flaunting porcelain skin.
If you’re an ardent follower of the K-beauty cult, LANEIGE is no stranger. Founded in 1994, with over 20 years of dedication and expertise in moisture research, LANEIGE has unravelled beauty secrets from water and completed a water recipe for individual skin types. Presenting hydration-packed products combined with cutting edge water technology that deliver glowing skin, their line of products addresses different skin concerns caused by environmental stressors. Formulated without Parabens and Phthalates, these dermatologist-tested formulas are also cruelty-free. Win-win, we say!
Let’s take you through the LANEIGE K-Beauty Skincare Routine and introduce you to their miracle workers that promise beautiful, hydrated skin in a trice.
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For the young city girl who’s bustling about town all day, the Multi Deep Clean Cleanser by LANEIGE is the ideal cleanser. Especially if you like wearing makeup, this is your champion go-to cleanser. It not only removes makeup, sunscreen and fine dust but also takes care of dead skin cells. It contains plant-derived papain enzymes along with blueberry extracts, that deep cleanse, removing dirt, grime and excess sebum.
Always envied that luminescent dewy Korean glow? The White Dew Skin Refiner from LANEIGE’s White Dew line will have you glowing in no time. Like a thirst quencher, it’s easily absorbed into skin leaving it dewy and radiant. Coupled with the world’s first patented Moisture Whitening ‘White Dew’ – Made from the Saururus Chinensis extract (a mild, natural skin whitener), it prevents dark spots from forming, making skin appear transparent and clear (Hello glass skin!). But it doesn’t end there! This champion, complete with the glyco component, phyto sugar water, leaves the skin feeling moisturized after toning.
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Craving for a boost of hydration without the icky sticky feeling on your cheeks? Make the Water Bank Hydro Essence your BFF. A hydrating essence enriched with the Green Mineral Water that is extracted with the revolutionary ocean blue processing method from vegetables that helps charge the skin with moisture. The hydro ionized mineral water and the delivery of six essential minerals, leaves skin looking toned and smooth while it provides non-drying moisture. Skin's water zipper prevents the evaporation of moisture, so you can hustle through the day like a BOSS.
No South Korean skincare regime is complete without a heavy duty, lightweight cream. Enter Water Bank Moisture Cream! The Moisturizing Biogene technology of LANEIGE strengthens the internal supply of natural moisturizers and retains moisture around the clock. The Moisture Biogene refills moisture to the skin all day, while mini Hyaluronic Acid replenishes and retains hydration levels. Powered with Olive squalene, it strengthens the skin's natural barrier for intense nourishment. Good bye dry skin!
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Sleep Step
An added step to your night skincare regime, this step is the hottest new K-Beauty trend to follow. Sleeping Masks hook up your face with much-needed vitality during the Golden Hours—the time your skin is at its most receptive—and LANEIGE has an array for you to pick from.
If you’re looking to treat parched skin with a surge of moisture, the Water Sleeping Mask gives it a lively, well-rested appearance overnight thanks to its Sleep-tox purifying effect and aromatic sleep scent that relaxes your senses for that baby-like sleep. Goodbye stressed and parched skin. Hello Hydration.
LANEIGE’s Eye Sleeping Mask infused with caffeine that relieves puffy eyes, Vitamin P that brightens the skin and the moisture wrapping technology which keeps tender skin around the eyes moisturized for that woke look every morning.
Moving on to the Lip Sleeping Mask, nothing melts away dead skin cells more gently. LANEIGE’s patented moisture technology with hydro ion mineral water, Evening Primrose root extract, and Hunzapricot extract in the dense beta-glucan moisture film, hydrate the lips while Vitamin C and antioxidant-rich Berry extracts soothe dry, rough pouts instantly.
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