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Let Aaliya from Beintehaa summer inspire your look

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Freshly radiant is the way to go .
What better time than the holy month of Ramzan to talk about Beintehaa, the hugely popular Muslim focused social drama? The serial revolves around the passionate love story of Zain and Aaliya. If you believe in the romance of finding your soul mate at unexpected places and overcoming every obstacle that stands in the way of true love, then this is the TV soap to adore. The plot revolves around Zain, a rich kid from a Mumbai-based business family and his wife (and cousin) Aaliya who belongs to a middle-class family from Bhopal. Zain is a spoiled brat with no interest in love; in fact he thinks the whole concept of falling in love absurd and theatrical. On the other hand Aaliya, a smart girl brought up with traditional family values, has stars in her eyes and believes ‘love happens only once’. The story follows the journey of the two protagonists from hatred to falling head over heels in love with each other.
Aaliya is played by none other than the Dairy Milk Chocolate model and actress Amrita Rao’s sister, Preetika Rao. Her beauty is unmatched and shines bright. Her fresh, radiant skin and minimal eye make-up makes her entire look ‘Summer ready’. We especially love her flawless glow, pink lined lips and no-kohl eyes, just what you need to beat the heat this summer. If you’ve been following the show from the start, you’ll realize that Preetika’s make-up has been minimal from the start. She sports fresh radiant skin with pink or nude lips outlined with a matching lip liner. Follow the simple tutorial below to summer perfect your skin and match Aaliya’s fresh and glowy look.
Fresh, radiant skin with BB cream/CC cream
Let Aaliya from <i>Beintehaa</i> summer inspire your look - 1
BB and CC cream are your one stop solutions for getting a fresh, dewy glow and natural finish. If you’re one of those who dreads foundation that melts in the sweltering heat, then here’s your chance to skip this pore clogging cover-up altogether. Make BB creams your skin’s best friend this summer. These light-weight formulas not only even out your skin tone, protect and moisturize but also give a radiant finish. Meanwhile CC Creams are primarily ‘color correcting’ formulations that address redness or sallowness. They usually give sheer finish—ideal for even toned gals—so choose a shade that matches your skin tone best and makes your skin glow naturally.
Simple liner and mascara eyes, minus kohl
Let Aaliya from <i>Beintehaa</i> summer inspire your look - 2
Summer sweat and oil can make kajal streak, so it’s best to go minimal. The best way to go kohl-free like Aaliya is by tight lining your upper lashes with a thin eye liner and finishing up with oodles of mascara. There’s nothing like mascara to give your eyes a wide awake look. Liquid liners are best for summer wear and beautifully define your eyes.
Lined lips like a 90's diva
Let Aaliya from <i>Beintehaa</i> summer inspire your look - 3
Sure it’s passé to sport lip liner a different color than the lipstick you use but makeup artists agree that this nifty pencil is the best tool for correcting imperfections in your lip shape and preventing lipstick from feathering and bleeding, especially on sweaty days. To make your lips look fuller and more defined, line them with a lip liner matching your lipstick color. To add more drama, you can even use a shade darker than your lipstick. But don’t go overboard with drastic contrasts. After applying lipstick remember to blend well with the liner so that it doesn’t look obvious. To make lipstick last longer, you could also fill in your lips with the liner and then apply lipstick. I always recommend applying lipstick with a lip brush and not directly from the container to ensure smooth, cleanly applied color.
You can sport this dewy fresh look at your next beach picnic or Sunday brunch. Who knows, it might just be enough to help you meet the Zain in your life!
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