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Absolute-ly Loving The Lakme Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Color

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Does everyone else also worship liquid lippies or is it just me? I mean, God bless that luscious matte formula which just won’t budge. Feel like the only problem with liquid formulations is that awful chalky dryness? Lo and behold, Lakme has released an enticing new range of liquid lip lovelies and we are giving it a double thumbs-up. Lush suede-like finish, a feather light formula, and kiss-proof results – ’tis time to tick all your checkboxes honey.
Wine N Dine
Fact checked: A wine-stained pout is never, ever going out of style. But we get you if you say that finding your winey soulmate ain’t a piece of cake. Maybe that because this beauty never came your way. With the deepest of purples as an undertone, our verdict is #WineNot?
Red Smoke
Let’s just say you’ll hear the word ‘hawt’ quite often when you have this on. Not your regular, too-loud-for-work red, this hue has more of a maroon tinge to it. Call it brick-red if you may, but you got to try to believe it. *cue to call the firefighting department*
Crazy Tangerine
You’ve probably given orange lips a shot if there’s an experimental bone in your body. If you haven’t, babe you’re missing out on a major pop lip trend. Easily the creamiest coral possible, make a bold statement with bright, orange popsicley lips. Cray-cray for coral!
Mulberry Feast
This is a shout out to all the purple-istas in the house. Since we’ll never get enough of our purple pleasures, Lakme’s done the right thing by launching this punk of a color. We’re adding this eccentric piece to our purple entourage for days when we want to dare.
Vintage Pink
You have your average pinks – the fuchsia, the rose, the baby pink – and then you have this. Very rightly named, this pinky lip treat has made its way right up on our priority list. A muted pink with a very retro feel to it, it’s time to sashay with them pretty pink pouts.
Peach Rose
Here’s a lovechild of pink and nude that we’ve fallen hard in love with. Almost on the lines of rose, we can’t pick a colour that would do a better daytime lip service. Can’t choose between pink and nude as your #LipstickOfTheDay? Don’t!
Firestarter Red
The smartest way to get an A+ in glamour is swiping a bloody blood red across your pout. Welcome the newest (and most phenomenal) member of our red fam. From a boozey all-nighter to a cozy date night, red NEVER disappoints.
Mild Mauve
Neither as bold as the offbeat purple, nor as boring as the sweetheart pink – this mauve is an exotic blend of both. All you lavender lovers out there, it’s time to look like a million bucks with this warm-toned tint. Are we maniacal about mauves? Hell yes!
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