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Absolutely! Haute Lip & Nail Combos By Lakme Absolute

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Always have a tough time trying to match your pinkies with your lippies? Here’s an update, the end to your troubles is near. We’ve matched five of the best Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color range with their counterparts from the Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Polish range and you sure don’t wanna miss this.
On Thy Lips: Pink Tint
On Thy Nails: Beige Nude
What’s life without a soft, pink-based nude on your lips and nails? Yummy, no? Swipe this warm lip shade across your pout, dip your talons in a bottle of pure nude heaven, and strut out oozing understated charm. A perfect pick for all 9-5 ladies.
On Thy Lips: Caramel Custard
On Thy Nails: Tawny Brown
If browns be love, here’s your way of showing unadulterated affection. A gorgeous brick brown on those lips and an orange-based brown on your pinkies is all you need to make a rather bold statement. Delicious and how!
On Thy Lips: Soft Beige
On Thy Nails: Silk Caramel
Nudes be too less, and browns be too much? Ahaa, looks like we’ve got the right amount of color for you. A soft, muted beige for your pout and yum caramel-painted nails, we’re drooling already. Look no further if you live by three words – less is more.
On Thy Lips: Mauve It
On Thy Nails: Burgundy Blast
Time for purple pleasures, ladies. Treat your lips with one of the most exotic blends of pink and purple and your nails to the most insane blast of burgundy. Punk up with this purple combo for a shopping sesh with the girlies and make heads turn.
On Thy Lips: Burnt Brown
On Thy Nails: Deep Taupe
Go bold or go home. Probably the darkest of the all brown lippies ever imagined, this lip superstar is no less than a sweet treat for our chocolate obsessed souls. As for the manicure bit, nothing better than the deepest taupe to play dress up with.  
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