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Adorable, super cute bow hairstyle

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The perfect way to give off a sweet girly vibe.
There’s something about bows. They’re girlish and fresh, even flirty. Thanks to Lady Gaga, bows are back in vogue and if you have medium to long hair, I’ve got the perfect bow hair style to amp up your look. Before you make up your mind that it’s too tough to master, let me assure you to stop right there!Seven easy steps, a ponytail and a few bobby pins are all you need to look as cute as a button. What’s more, it’s super simple and fuss-free to recreate. Top up with some glittery accessories and you could pull off the quirky-sweet look for a smart evening do too.
What you need for this hairstyle?
Just a black rubber band and U-shaped pins or bobby pins will do.
What hair length is ideal?
Any length below shoulder level is fine to make this hairstyle work. For shoulder length hair you could make the bow with just a half ponytail.
Who can sport this hairstyle?
Since it’s a cute and trendy style, I suggest limiting it to anyone who’s young at heart!
Where can you wear this particular style?
This is certainly not a style to be sported at work or formal events. However flaunt it everywhere else. At dinner dates, clubbing, parties or lunch date with your besties!
How do I get the look?
Step 1
Make a ponytail and leave the hair halfway on the second/third twist of the rubber band to form a loop-like poof as shown in picture.
Step 2
Divide the loop from the centre to give you two half loops on either side.
Step 3
Secure the loop on the left side using U-shape bun pins or bobby pins.
Step 4
Repeat step 3 on the right side. You'll now have a sideway 8-shaped loop as shown in the picture.
Step 5
Now grab a small strand of hair from below.
Step 6
Wrap the strand in the middle of the loop and secure the ends on the back of the loop with bobby pins.
Step 7
Now remove the pin you had used to secure the loop on the side and twist the loop to give it a bow shape. Secure this with two bobby pins. Repeat this on the other side to complete the bow shape.
Here’s the final look of the bow hairstyle. Isn’t it quick, cute and trendy?
Jinal Patel owner of the blog http://dazzlingbelle.com/ is a Delhi-based beauty blogger, adviser and makeup junkie with a serious passion for writing
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