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Ahem. Let’s Talk About Intimate Care, Shall We?

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feminine hygiene products list

Half of the female population has intimate care last on their priority list. Sent you on a guilt trip already, eh? ‘Nuff of brushing it under the carpet, it’s finally time to admit that just like your face, your queen down there is important and needs day-to-day pampering.

Listing feminine hygiene products that have been on Miss. V’s wish list for a very long time.

products for feminine hygiene- vwash plus

Maintaining the pH balance of your vagina is practically as important as removing every trace of makeup before the crashing at night. And VWash Plus is your knight in shining armour! Its special Lactic Acid formula, infused with Tea Tree Oil & Sea Buckthorn Oil, prevents itchiness, dryness, and skin irritation. Easy and safe to use.


Replete with strong anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties, Verbena regulates the cycle and Lemon releases nervous tension.' with 'They can also be used around the days of your periods in order to avoid spotting

products for feminine hygiene- Bella herbs panty liner
products for feminine hygiene- Veet hair removal cream

When the words ‘bikini wax’ make you tremble with fear, Veet is what you stick to for a smooth, hairless vagina. Enriched with Micro Beads, not only does this magic crème remove the shortest of hair strands but it also gets rid of stubborn dead skin to reveal visibly brighter skin. Don’t believe us; try the complimentary skin-o-meter yourself!


Yes, you need a vaginal tightening agent so no scrolling down just yet! It is a myth that this one-of-a-kind gel only aims at restoring the elasticity of the vaginal opening. Its micro biologically and clinically tested formula also improves blood flow in vaginal muscles and prevents bacterial infection around your privates. Win-win, right?

products for feminine hygiene- vaginal tightening gel
products for feminine hygiene- Sirona pain relief patch

Coming from India’s first feminine intimate care brand, Sirona pain relief patches are 100% herbal. No less than a boon for women who aren’t really fond of popping pain killers at the drop of a hat, one patch provides instant relief from lower abdomen or back pain for 12 hours at a stretch.


Well, if the idea of inserting anything in your vagina freaks you out, here’s some good news. Presenting a pack of tampons that come with their own cardboard applicator for an anti-slip grip. With an anti-leak protective skirt for additional back-up, positioning a tampon was never this easy! That’s eight hours of less stress.

products for feminine hygiene- tampax
products for feminine hygiene- menstrual cup

Want to do something for Mother Earth during monthly period parties? Change your menstrual habits; opt for menstrual cups. This cupper can be used for 12-hour cycles, twice a day. Made of the highest quality silicone, remove – empty – reinsert. The business can be a bit messy but hey, one cup lasts 10 frikkin’ years!

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