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All About Hair: Experts Address Trending Haircare And Styling Woes

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You’re not alone if you're suffering through summers that bring a myriad of hair problems. We’re all dealing with everything under the harsh sun from split ends, dryness and frizz to coloured hair becoming rough, hairdos getting messy because of sweat, and UV rays taking away all the hydration from each strand. Add to this list the harmful effects of a cooling swim, rough sandy residue from a nice evening on the beach, or just usual climate change from your holiday - and you have no way of enjoying this season without making a mess of your hair.

Which is why, right before the summer begins, we spoke to a set of leading haircare and styling experts who gave us simple tips and tricks and their choice of products they recommend. Trust us, there’s something for every kind of hair in this article.

For the woman-on-the go

Beauty Book: For busy individuals who may not have time to visit their local salon before an event or meeting, what do you suggest she uses for a quick 10-minute hairdo?

Sana Grover, Dyson

“For a perfect 10-minute hairdo , the Dyson Airwrap soft smoothing brush will be your best friend. It gives you the perfect frizz free bounce you need to up your A-game in the meeting! All you need to do is damp your hair and run the soft smoothing brush covering small segments of the hair in the crown area!”

Salon-Like Hair Colour At The Comfort Of Your Home

Beauty Book: What hair colours do you predict to be big for summer and how does one still achieve salon-like hair colour without having to step out for a hair appointment?

Adhuna Bhabani, BBlunt

“I’ll start by simply saying that contrary to popular belief, hair colour is not harmful. It’s more about the use than abuse! Fortunately, BBLUNT comes backed with a longstanding hair-story and hair caring formulations. You can choose from a variety of soft-warm browns like a honey caramel, mahogany to deep burgundy or wine, rich chocolates, coffee browns and vibrant reds. Another colour trend to watch out for is blue black - it’s perfect for summers! This is simply black hair with a tint of blue keeping it classic yet cool both at the same time.”

Maintenance Is Just As Important

Beauty Book: What are your tips to manage and protect treated/coloured hair?

Mr Gaurav Gupta - National Education Delivery Lead, Wella Company, India

“Colour fadage can lead to dullness and hair can lose its strength if not treated well post colour service. It's important to use a colour protection shampoo & mask like Colour motion + from Wella Professionals which provides up to 8 weeks of colour protection, protects hair from free radicals present in the environment and its Wella plex bonding agent keeps the hair strong. People with colored hair should use a heat protection agent like Thermal Image whenever using any hot tools to style the hair as heat also contributes to fadage of colour & damage.”

Tame That Frizz

Beauty Book: What are some tips and tricks to tackle summer frizz?

Vivek Shyam Bhatia, L’Oreal Professionnel Education Expert, Creative Director of Shyam's Salon and Academy

“Frizzy hair has many triggers - weather, pollution or simply genetics! To address this problem, I recommend using L’Oreal Professionnel Liss Unlimited Range. One can also visit an expert & know exactly which treatment & home care suits them. Also, don’t forget to brush your hair with a high quality paddle brush!”

Holiday Hair, Check!

Beauty Book: Since it’s currently travel season, what are the 5 things (or products) women should have in their travel kit during the holiday?

Muskan Sharma, Influencer, Alan Truman

“Contrary to popular belief, it always helps to carry you styling tools with you while you’re on holiday—alot of people find it inconvenient (but it really doesn’t have to be at all). It’s all about carrying the right tools. Like for instance, a good hair dryer and detangler are a must, especially if your going for beach vacations, a multipurpose styling brush will always make the job easier—a product that can  curl and straighten your hair depending on your mood (it can save you a alot of space, time and money too)”

I Just Want To Curl Up All Day

Beauty Book: What are your top recommendations that every girl with curly hair must own?

Melissa Hughe, National Technical Head, Schwarzkopf Professional India

“Embracing one’s natural texture is the new normal! Curly hair is unique and special by design and therefore deserves something extra for its special needs. Moisture, definition and protection are key to enhancing the natural beauty of all types of curls. Sulphate free shampoos, leave-in creams and conditioners and curl defining stylers are the product mantra for curly hair. Additionally, adopting gestures such as scrunching, diffusing, coiling, plopping etc. and investing on tools such as diffusers, microfibre towels go a long way in curl maintenance. Amp up the moisture, definition and protection quotient with curly must haves below like MAC Twister definition cream, Osis+ Grip Mousse or Curl Honey, BC – Moisture Kick Spray.”

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