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Here Is What You Need to Know About Using Epilators for Hair Removal

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From waxing, laser treatment to hair removal creams, there are various ways to remove unwanted body hair. While you can choose any of these methods depending on the overall comfort, pain threshold and sensitivity of your skin; we’ll introduce you to what is being touted as a relatively painless, economical and convenient way to get smooth arms and legs with every use – epilators. An epilator is a small, handy electric tool that removes your hair from the roots. If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of this hair removal tool, here are all the deets you should know before you start using it. Get ready to say goodbye to pesky hair and welcome silky-smooth skin!

What Is an Epilator?

Epilators are electric devices that use coil springs or tiny tweezers to pluck hair from the roots. It works the same as waxing but allows you to remove shorter hairs compared to waxing. And comparatively less painful! There are different types of epilators that you can choose from such as manual, cordless, water-resistant, and more.

Which Epilator Should You Choose?

While choosing an epilator, you must consider your purpose and convenience. Do you need epilators for your facial hair, body or sensitive areas? Are you looking for a travel-size, affordable or cordless epilator? Or, do you plan to use it in the shower? Once you identify your preference, you can choose the one that suits you the best. But first, let’s understand what are the benefits of using epilators.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Epilator?

  • It is an economical method for hair removal.
  • It delivers long-lasting results.
  • It ensures less pain than waxing.
  • Chances of issues like rashes, redness, breakouts, pigmentation and rapid regrowth are lesser if the device is properly used.
  • After you use an epilator, the hair tends to grow back finer, softer and slower.
  • Epilators are mess-free, and you can easily use them at home at your convenience and time. You can also use them while taking a bath.

How to Use Epilators?

  • Pick the right attachment depending on where you want to use the device – arms, bikini area or face.
  • Gently exfoliate your skin with a body scrub, mitt or washcloth before using an epilator to avoid ingrown hair. According to a study on Science Direct, pretreatment with an antibacterial soap or benzoyl peroxide (an exfoliant) wash may reduce bacterial inflammation or razor burns.
  • Hold your skin firm with your other hand to make it taut and help the device easily glide over.
  • Slightly touch the epilator on your skin without putting too much pressure.
  • Slowly glide the epilator in an upward motion against the direction of your hair growth. Do not go too fast as it can break the hair and lead to ingrown hair growth.
  • Once you have removed all your hair, massage the skin with a moisturising lotion for a soft and silky finish. According to a research paper published in the National Library of Medicine, there is a significant correlation between the use of a moisturiser and the alleviation of inflamed skin.
  • If your body hair is too long, it is best to use a trimmer first. It is less painful and effective to use an epilator on shorter hair.

Pro tip: Use the epilator a night before an event or date, to allow any irritation or discomfort to settle down.

Tips for Using an Epilator

  • Consider having a warm shower before using the epilator. Water opens the pores on your skin, making the hair removal process a breeze.
  • Exfoliate before you epilate. As discussed earlier, removing dead-dried cells reduces friction between your tool and the skin’s surface. It also guarantees smooth, supple skin at the end of the hair removal process.
  • Hold the epilator at a 90-degree angle against your skin. Please note that tilting the device excessively can cause irreversible damage. We recommend starting with the least sensitive areas like the legs, and arms to get a better understanding of the device.
  • If you’re new to this device, start by using the epilator at the lowest speed of touching. A controlled use of the device will help you attain the desired results safely.

How to Choose the Right Epilator for Your Needs

  • Areas You Wish to Epilate: If you wish to cast away peach fuzz, shave body hair, and groom your bikini area with a single device – look for an epilator with additional accessories/head attachments.
  • An In-Shower Shave vs Dry Epilation: For effective hair removal, opt for a water-proof epilator. For the uninitiated, water opens the pores, reducing the tug between the skin's surface and the battery-operated epilator. The results? Smooth, taut skin that turns heads.
  • Cordless or Wired: Always scrambling to the next destination? Get your hands on a cordless epilator. This variant will allow you to get silky, smooth skin anywhere and anytime.

Do Epilators Hurt?

Considering epilators remove the hair from the roots, it can be a bit painful at the beginning. However, the pain or discomfort is lesser than waxing – with the right technique of using epilators, exfoliating your skin before the session, and with regular use, the pain will gradually decline with each use and so will your hair growth.

Are There Any Cons of Using Epilators?

There are no cons of using epilators. However, as mentioned before, it can be slightly painful for beginners, and the cost of devices is often on the higher side. But considering the results usually last for as long as roughly 3-4 weeks, investing in epilators seems to be an economical option.

Best Epilators for Women to Try

best body and face epilator

Philips Cordless Epilator - All-Rounder for Face and Body Hair Removal

With powerful epilation, improved tweezers and 70,000 hair-catching actions, it delivers the best result in less than 10 minutes. It has an S-shaped ergonomic handle that allows for better control and grip. It can also be used in the shower and comes with a unique light that makes sure you do not miss any hair. What’s more, it comes with different attachments for maximum comfort when used on your arms, underarms, bikini area and legs.

best epilator -Braun Silk-Epil 5-500

Braun Silk-Epil 5-500, Epilator for Beginners- Gentle Hair Remover

If you are a beginner, looking for one of the best epilators to start, this is a good option. Designed for efficient and gentle hair removal, this hair removal tool has an anti-slip grip that offers the best hold during the application, irrespective of wet or dry use. It has two-speed settings to enable you to control the hair removal process and has a high-frequency massage cap for a smooth and comfortable experience. Use this epilator for a long-lasting experience and smooth skin.

best epilator for women

Winston 2-in-1 Body Epilator & Shaver Rechargeable Battery Operated Hair Remover

Get rid of all unwanted hair with this 2-in-1 body epilator and shaver. With a one-button interface and cordless facility, you can easily remove all your body hair with ease and convenience. It is waterproof and has two different heads for epilating and shaving for comfortable hair removal. It comes with an ergonomic grip and protective cover for better reach and to prevent your skin from direct contact with the sharp blade.

Now that you know that hair removal is no longer messy and painful, load your carts with the best epilators and enjoy silky, smooth skin in the comforts of your home.


Can You Use an Epilator for Your Bikini Area?

Yes, you can use epilators in your bikini area. However, as the area down there is sensitive, it can irritate your skin and be more painful, if not used correctly. So, gently exfoliate the skin before using epilators and discontinue if irritation persists.

Is It OK to Epilate Every Day?

Though epilating lasts for roughly 3-4 weeks, you can use the epilator for a week every day if you wish to reduce the growth of your hair. After that, continue weekly, fortnightly and then whenever required.

Can Epilators Darken the Skin?

No, it does not. Since epilators do not use any chemicals to remove your hair, it does not darken your skin.

Where Can You Use an Epilator?

You can use an epilator anywhere on your body, be it your face, underarms, legs, bikini area, etc. However, make sure to use the right attachment to avoid getting cuts or wounds.

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