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All-Star, All-Rounder, Swiss Tempelle Total Cleanup

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Is it a facewash? Is it a scrub? Is it a face mask? Hold your breath ’cause it is all of those things!
Life’s all about hustling, you’re probably reading this on your commute to work or while your little one is (thankfully) napping away for a while. Yep, there are women who still have the award-worthy patience to meticulously indulge in an elaborate multi-step skincare regime but clearly, you’re a lesser mortal in that respect. You know what, high-five hustler!
Moving on, have you always prided yourself on the art of carefully handpicking the best double-duty divas in the beauty biz? Guess what, Swiss Tempelle just raised the curtain on their latest multitasking marvel and our vanity kits are low-key dying to have it. In fact, we love how it matches our juggling abilities in life. So many roles, played by a single skin superstar from Switzerland. True to its name, the Swiss Tempelle Total Cleanup is an out-an-out stunner.
All Star, All Rounder, Swiss Tempelle Total Cleanup - 1
  • First things first, let’s talk about how one product saves a massive amount of time (in your overbooked life) and space (in your overflowing cabinet). Whether you’re lathering it up, scrubbing it away or masking it twice a week, the formula outperforms itself in each role.
  • An exquisite fusion of Swiss Clay and Indian Wild Rose, the formula is a perfect amalgamation of the best of skincare from both countries. While purifying Clay acts as an excellent skin detoxifier, Rose extracts repair cell damage and hydrate even the most parched skin. When used religiously over a period, expect unclogged pores, a visibly brighter skin tone, and a spotless complexion. Amen.
  • If much of your life involves living out of your suitcase, the brand has been very wise and introduced a travel-sized version of the wonder. Save even more space and carry the smaller bottle in your forever-spilling travel pouch. Great job, Swiss Tempelle!
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