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All The Deets About Concealer Makeup In A Single Click

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As much as we love the beloved foundation, the key to a flawless face is undoubtedly the concealer, a.k.a the master magician. Most women tend to overlook the importance of this fancy eraser but that’s what we’re here for – to shatter all those misconceptions about concealer use. We’re putting a full stop to all those Google searches about ‘what is concealer’.

But first, it’s time for a lowdown on all the different types of concealers.

Go, take a pick of your choicest weapon of mass destruction.
Pencil Eyeliner

Stick Concealer

These beauties look and work pretty much like a lipstick. Perhaps the best concealer for dry skin, go for this if you’re looking for a formulation that’s the perfect balance of liquid and cream.

Pencil Concealer

While all other formulations make it difficult to cover the smallest nooks of your face, a pencil concealer does the job perfectly. Time to cover all those flaws with absolute precision.
Gel Eyeliner
Liquid Eyeliner

Powder Concealer

These are the best bets when it comes to best concealer for oily skin. Easily blendable in nature that result in high, seamless coverage, powder is the secret to all matte concealer makeup regimes.

Liquid Concealer

This is one of the most popular formulations of concealer, especially because of their creamy, lightweight texture. If you like a product that gives you buildable coverage, then look no further.
Sketch Pen Eyeliner

How To Apply Concealer

Now that you’ve jotted down all the various formulations of concealers, here’s the only concealer makeup tutorial to win this war against scars, pigmentation or any other skin imperfections.
  1. First of all, start with a clean canvas. Use a mild face wash to wash off any dirt or grime that might have settled on your face.
  2. Next up, prep your face with a lightweight moisturizer.
  3. Now it’s time to apply an even layer of a face primer. A primer helps your base makeup to stay as long as you want it to.
  4. Next up is the concealer. The best answer to ‘how to use concealer’ is to apply the product in the shape of a triangle under your eyes and then blending it away. Also, target acne spots, pimple marks, pigmentation around the mouth or any other face imperfections.
  5. Then, its time for your foundation. Whatever product you use, remember to blend it well.
  6. Last up, set your base with a compact. Proceed to eye and lip makeup to complete the look.

How To Choose Concealer

You can only maximize the use of concealer in makeup when you pick the shade that flatters you the most. While it can be tough for makeup beginners, we’ve classified six of the best concealers in the biz’ according to skin tone.
Pencil Eyeliner

Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer

Fair – Light
Wheatish – Medium
Dusky – Café

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD

Fair – Porcelain, Classic Ivory
Wheatish – Nude, Pure Beige
Dusky – Beautiful Bronze, Espresso
Pencil Eyeliner
Pencil Eyeliner

NYX Professional Makeup Gotcha Covered Concealer

Fair – Light, Beige
Wheatish – Fresh
Dusky – Mocha

Nicka K HD Concealer

Fair – Fawn, Brown
Wheatish – Copper, Tan
Dusky – Coffee, Chocolate
Pencil Eyeliner
Pencil Eyeliner

PAC Take Cover Concealer Crayon

Fair – L11
Wheatish – M21
Dusky – D32

Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation Stick Conceal Contour & Corrector

Fair – Creamy Bisque
Wheatish – Rose Beige, Warm Honey
Dusky – Toffee Chisel
Pencil Eyeliner
You Ask, We Answer
Now that you’re clear about what is concealer used for, we address any remaining questions that you may have.
Q: Do you put on concealer before or after foundation?
A: The order is your personal choice, depending on what gives your optimal results. However, if you’re going for a powder-based foundation, apply the concealer first and allow it to set before reaching out for the foundation. .
Q: Can you use a concealer as a foundation?
A. In case you’ve run out of foundation on an important day, your concealer can come handy. However, you need to keep in mind the difference in consistency of both the products. As the consistency of a concealer can be a lot richer than foundation, you should use a damp applicator instead of a dry one. Also, a great way to sheer out concealer for all-over coverage is by mixing a small amount of your daily moisturizer or face primer with it.
Q: What is the difference between a foundation and a concealer?
A. One of the major differences between a foundation and a concealer is their purpose in our makeup regime. A foundation is perfect for overall coverage that evens out the skin tone and balances faint skin imperfections. However, for more significant problems like under-eye circles, huge zits or blemishes, a concealer is the best spot treatment available.
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