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All The Green Things You Need This Season To Stay Sniffle-Free

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green vegetables

*Sniff *sniff *achhoo!

It started with my cook’s grandson playing in the rain and the evil trickled all the way round to me. What evil? The annoying, heart-breaking, gut-wrenching illness called the ‘common cold’ or for a better use of words, ‘the sniffles. I got the sniffles along with an unhealthy dose of headaches, watering eyes and sore throat. (Psst… yes, I did get paranoid. But tested negative for Covid, phew!) The season of droning illnesses is officially here, adding to the fear of a third wave. And while cocooning in my blanket and never stepping out sounds great, I must, I must gear up to stay as safe and healthy as possible.

I’ll be trusting all the doctors’ recommendations mixed with some of my grandma’s homemade brews for the next few months. Interestingly, most of the ingredients coincide and are beautifully GREEN!

Scroll on to conjure up the healthiest greens in the tastiest possible recipes to keep you sniffle-free this season.

green tea

1. Tea Is The Secret Of My Energy!

Think green tea, tulsi tea, or even matcha tea, with a hint of ginger and lemon. Not only will it just soothe your throat and make you feel all cosy, but it will also energize your immunity system. Most of these herbal teas are anti-bacterial and antiviral, making you healthier— one sip at a time.

2. Flu-Fighter Soup, Anyone?

Two ingredients: coconut milk and spinach. It’s a delicious combination when whipped into a hot soup. You can add veggies and some chicken into the concoction and you’ll be sniffle-free in a jiff. Add to this meal some garlic bread for extra protection (garlic helps keep away the germs *and vampires of course*)

green vegetables - 2
green vegetables - 3

3. All Things Cauli

Cauliflowers and broccolis are rich, rich, rich in cold-fighting nutrients like vitamin C, zinc and lots of antioxidants. In fact, researchers say that broccoli activates the enzymes in your immune cells, making them stronger. How to eat, you may ask? Just sauté them with olive oil, salt, pepper and cashews for a quick salad and garnish with cheese.

4. Sweet, Sweet Salads

Make a bowl of green leafy veggies and add fruits that are sweet and tangy to the mix. We’re crushing over the combination of baby spinach, kale, crispy lettuce and fruits like oranges, cherry tomatoes and pomegranates. For some extra vigour, you can add some feta cheese and pumpkin seeds as well.

green salads
green vegetables - 4

5. Cool Your Soul

If you’re in Mumbai, Kolkata or Kerala, the monsoons are colliding with unbearable heat! This is when cucumbers, lime, mint and avocados make you happy. Add all of them in a smoothie maker, some crushed ice and fresh honey, and whip it all up in a blissful cool drink that will refresh you from within, all the while making you stronger.

6. The Green Fruit Bowl

Exactly as it sounds, add all the green fruits you know of in a bowl with some yogurt or whipped cream and hog. Kiwi, green apples, pears, avocados and grapes all go really well together! And if you really need more color, berries are the way to go.

green fruits
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