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All The Top Fall Runway Hair Trends To Knock Off This 2020

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The runway has spoken. Not just with the fashion forecast for 2020, but a freshly baked batch of the latest hair trends has gotten off to a flying start. Hot off the runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris; these couture coifs will be all over your ‘Gram in no time, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Considering you want in on these hot pieces of cakes, we’ve sifted them out to profile the best of the best. Psst: also look out for our easy-peasy tips on recreating these yourself, since the itch for a hair makeover never really dies, does it now?

Top 5 stunning hair trends you should go for:

trending hairstyles- look 1

1. Bejewelled Hair

Our penchant for shiny hair jewellery just reached greater heights. Whether it’s a generous smattering of crystals on a head of soft, romantic waves or beading an otherwise regular pair of Dutch braids, if the runways are to be believed, this year is all about ‘more is more’.

You’re a bit wary about gluing crystals to your tresses, we get it. But no reason why that should stop you from standing sparkling out in the crowd. Slide the Joker & Witch Floral Leaf Hair Ornament to bling your basic bun or stack up multiple Elite Models Designer Barrette Clips on a side-swooping part for an edge over the rest.

2. Pigtail Plaits

Schoolgirl style is back and we’re screaming with relief (internally, relax). ‘Cause honestly, who doesn’t want to stick to fuss-free, skinny braids for a convenient yet fiercely feminine look. TBH, we’re yet to find a soul that doesn’t want to join the plaid party.

Since the very precise center part is highlight #1 of this hairdo, we’d recommend you take help of the Vega Tail Comb. Highlight #2 is the sleek AF, no-nonsense finish which, in fact, greatly adds to the impact. BBLUNT Climate Control, Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream, reporting to duty. Distribute a pea-sized amount of this genius frizz-taming formula through your tresses before you start weaving your braid.

hair trends- pigtail plaits
new hair trends- look 3

3. Throwback To The 70s

If you were skeptical about an entire decade being a hair trend, the runway proved you wrong and took pictures while at it. Be it an unapologetic Afro mane, geeky baby bangs or a big teased crown, retro hair is clearly as timeless as it gets.

For a head full of massive curls, the Kevin.Murphy Motion.Lotion Curl Enhancing Weightless Lotion was legit handpicked by the Curl Gods. In other news, if going chop-chop is a big ask for you, take the non-committal route with the BBLUNT Straight Fringe Clip In Hair Extension. Not all hair makeovers need to be permanent. Wink wink.

4. Black Bows Are Back

Let’s just admit it, none of us are ever getting over our obsession for bows, black to be specific. Part minimalist, part not, the fall/winter runway saw supersized bowed ponytails and schoolgirl braids secured with satin ribbons.

Now here’s a hush-hush tip that’ll amp up the impact while taking this style from runway to reality. For your bow to stand out, you gotta keep the rest of your mane tamed and understated. Frizz-free your locks with a quick spritz of the Wella Professionals Nourishing Anti Static Spray so your delicate bow takes centerstage.

latest hair trends- look 4
latest trending hairstyles- look 5

5. Supremely Sculpted

We hit *update* on slicked back hair. Out-of-the-pool hair has been a recurring trend on the runway, but this season the tone was restrained and semi-wearable. Whether its giant look-at-me finger waves or artsy flyways gelled to the forehead, we’re talking massive amounts of attention-grabbing shine here.

Contrary to the usual assumption, mastering the all-day-long wet hairstyle isn’t a ten-step routine requiring multiple layers of gooey gel. To be a wet-haired smokestorm, all you need is the L'oreal Professionnel Homme Clay Strong Hold Matt Clay and the tact to use it in the right quantity. You don’t want to give off the impression that you didn’t have time to plug in the blow dryer, now do you?

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