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An Enchanteur Scent for Every Occasion

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An Enchanteur Scent for Every Occasion - 1
Prepare to be enchanted. Transported to a magical place where puffy clouds of sweet, fruity and floral aromas intermingle with warm woody base notes. It’s like reliving a French Romance every time you spritz it on. Whether it’s a date night or a brunch with besties, we’ll show you how to pair your Enchanteur with your look.
The Daily Affair
This retro tinged everyday outfit is for the fashion brave. The young, restless and ambitious can effortlessly flaunt curves with a silhouette that exudes confidence. Sport skin tight, ultra-high-rise skinny-fit jeggings with a classic buttoned-down cropped demin shirt for an uber cool-chic ensemble. A slick pair of low top converse (synonymous with college) completes the free-spirited look. Take it to the other side of edgy with a volumizing mascara, candy colored pout and Enchanteur’s Alluring Body Mist.
An Enchanteur Scent for Every Occasion - 2
Date Night Escapades
Feel like a goddess, irresistible and flawless, as you strut around town in a playful mix of the romantic staples—red, black and white, the colors of love and passion. Slip on a flower-inspired printed midi skater dress and ankle-strap rouge stilettos for extra height and appeal. Complete the flirty fiesta with no-nonsense scarlet lips, a flush of pink on the cheeks and intense-black long fluttering lashes. Spice up the night, as you tantalize and tease with Enchanteur’s Romantic Body Mist.
An Enchanteur Scent for Every Occasion - 3
Girl-Talk and More
Blushes, chuckles and giggles mean one thing, gossiping girls! A shout-out to all the fashionista’s huddled on the last bench of class. Have heads turn in your direction as you don this pretty-in-pink guise. Throw on an airy, ivory scalloped blouse over a dreamy, flowing tulle skirt. Couple your attire with an impeccable complexion and bold luscious lips. Lastly, spray on Enchanteur’s Charming Body Mist to feel nothing short of a whimsical fairy.
An Enchanteur Scent for Every Occasion - 4
Playing Serious
Step up when duty calls. For a presentation or interview, always be the best dressed to impress! Redefine the office-perfect outfit with a timeless white blouse worn over the traditional yet elegant pencil skirt. Gold-chain detailing not only accentuates the waist but also adds a hint of high-end fashion. Pair with all-black suede pumps in pencil thin heels and a complexion cream for a luminous finish. Fade-proof kajal uplifts almond eyes and a gentle spritz Enchanteur’s Enticing Body Mist to conquers all.
An Enchanteur Scent for Every Occasion - 5
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