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Explore Offerings From Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ Hair Care Brand Anomaly

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Anomaly haircare

Priyanka Chopra Jonas once said she’s had all kinds of hair days – good ones, bad ones, messy ones, difficult ones – and the raw relatability of it all made me feel much better about my own hair (you don’t want to see its natural state). As a teenager, I tried imitating almost all her Bollywood hairdos’ and colours but failed over and again to crack it. I remember my mother telling me that PCJ had about thrice the amount of hair I do which is why none of her styles could look good on me (just love the ‘truth bomb’ moments by mom, yay)

The Matrix Resurrections actor has phenomenal hair, that’s a given. And every PCJ movie that I loved included her iconic hair flip where she would use one hand to toss her hair to a side and then scrunch them with her fingers (fine, I’m lowkey obsessed) – you know exactly what I’m talking about, correct? Unfortunately, every time I’d try that, there’d be fallen strands stuck to my fingers and my hair flat on the other side making me look funny. All I ever wanted was hair that was cared for and strong enough to remotely resemble the icon’s gorgeous coiffure. So, when she launched her very own hair care range in the USA, I was stoked but also superiorly bummed that I couldn’t get my hands on it. I read all about the brand, though, dreaming about using it someday. ‘Anomaly’ is a brand that celebrates individual differences. It offers a range of vegan hair care products that deviate from the cliché beauty standard. It was everything I was looking for that would marry my hair problems because it’s not only clean, and paraben-free but it’s also specifically designed to treat Indian hair (god bless you, PCJ!). Ahead is everything you need to know about the much-anticipated launch of the year.

Imagine my joy, my feverous excitement, when I found out that is Anomaly FINALLY coming to India. Inspired by Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ OG hair regimen that she used to follow growing up, Anomaly has finally landed home.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas Speaks to Nykaa

“We built this brand on the idea that great hair starts first with great care, something I learned from my mom and grandmom during regular oiling, deep cleaning and conditioning routines growing up. With this in mind, and alongside my partners at Maesa, we developed a collection of products formulated with powerful and effective ingredients that love your hair from the root to the tip. Thank you to the team at Nykaa for your partnership and a very warm welcome to the family,” said the iconic global star.

Anomaly haircare

So, Why Was This Brand Such an Anomaly? I Investigated.

This range of hair care is made for ‘anomalies’. Inclusivity being the core, the brand targets a range of hair types that cater to everything from straight, curly and frizzy to delicate, loose curls. It’s a gender-neutral approach that offers a holistic beauty experience.

Here’s my personal favourite part of the brand’s ethos. Anomaly strives to leave behind lesser carbon footprints by sticking to earth-conscious and sustainable packaging (bottles made out of 100% plastic trash), using clean and harmless formulations, empowering natural and farm-derived ingredients, and promoting transparency. The label focuses on ‘modernising the hair care category’ by introducing hair practices that promote sustainability, high performance and democratisation (by bringing good, clean and effective hair regimens for all).

As per a study conducted by Lee J and Kwon KH investigating the rise of sustainable beauty in the post-COVID era , we came to learn that the beauty industry has witnessed a paradigm shift to incorporate more clean beauty practices. Customer perception has positively changed, too.

Back to Your Roots

The products are made with ingredients that are connected to India, our roots and our heritage. The formulations are primarily made with aloe vera, argan oil, bamboo, castor oil, coconut oil, rosemary, and eucalyptus among others. Basically, everything you’d like to see on the label of a hair care product. Research conducted by Thammasat University also explores consumer behaviour towards organic skincare products.

Committed to helping you have a great hair day (which we could all use, correct?) and helping you feel the best version of you, Even though I’d follow PCJ’s recommendation in a blink of an eye, Anomaly has given me a hundred reasons to join the large fanbase that love and respect the brand globally. Glamorous hair flips, here I come!

Shop the range here.

Anomaly Clarifying Shampoo

Anomaly Smoothing Conditioner

Anomaly Hydrate & Deep Cleanse Shampoos Combo

Anomaly Ultimate Frizz Fighting Shampoo and Conditioner Kit

Anomaly Gentle Shampoo

Anomaly Dry Shampoo

Anomaly Hair And Scalp Oil

Anomaly Leave-In Conditioner

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