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The goodness of all-natural ingredients harnessed using cutting-edge technology and summoned in meticulous, result-oriented regimens. K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) has transcended many-a borders to become a market leader in the realm of skincare or (beauty) over time. This burgeoning interest, naturally also enamoured the enthusiasts based out of the Indian subcontinent— which ensued a colossal surge in the demand for the latest K-Beauty products roughly a decade ago. Hankering after a gamut of offerings, between pick-me-up, satiating sheet masks to age-reversing skin ampoules, the people had spoken.

To bridge the conspicuous gap between acquiring high performance K-Beauty offerings and beauty fiends in India— AMOREPACIFIC Corporation stepped into the picture. The South Korean beauty giant found its foothold in the Indian market with the introduction of the highly-sought after skincare brand, INNISFREE, circa 2013. This was followed with the arrival of coveted makes, such as Laneige, Sulwhasoo, and Etude by the corporation. Ahead, an overview of the 4 aforementioned brands housed by the beauty pioneer with an ode to some of their best performers.


Facilitating a crossover between nature’s bounty from the pristine Jeju Island and the best of innovation — INNISFREE has a range of efficacious products that promise you a radiant glow, from the inside out. The enterprise, which has solidified its presence amongst celebrities and pros, often uses its voice to help direct efforts towards the cause of sustainability in beauty. Upholding the value of protecting nature, INNISFREE has triggered several campaigns like ‘use a hankie, save the earth’ and empty bottle recycling to help make a change.

Best-Sellers From The Brand

This lightweight, non-greasy serum seeps deep to hydrate and nourish the skin. The formula boasts a whopping 89% of pure green tea essence coupled with HA derived from the jeju blue beans which help improve the moisture content of the skin barrier. This popular offering is known to go flying off the shelves, with the recorded sale of 1 bottle every 10 seconds.

If you want to combat concerns like fine lines and blemishes — integrate this retinol-based workhouse into your skincare routine. The ampoule exterminates the unwarranted layer of dead cells on the dermis to unveil a brighter, clearer complexion. The concentrate also helps shield the skin against damage induced by external aggressors like pollution and the weather. If you have been eyeing retinol for a while but have been slightly wary, this beginner-friendly product is a sure-shot way to begin.


The luxury Korean brand which promises prolonged moisturising effect for the skin, was launched in 2018 by AMOREPACIFIC Corporation in India. Specialising in skin hydration, Laneige has debuted path breaking products that administer hydration into the deepest layers for a . dewy, smooth finish on the outside. The brand perpetuates the notion that skincare is hardly surface level — by helping your skin reach its optimal hydration levels.

Beloved Offerings From The Brand

If you want to steer clear of chapped or dry lips, get your hands on the sleep mask by Laneige. STAT! A nourishing blend of berry extracts, vitamin C and coconut oil, this mask forms a protective film that binds water onto the tender tissues of your pucker. This li'l act of love helps keep your lips nourished and hydrated overnight for a velvety-soft appearance in the AM!

The marque skincare brand recently launched its Blue HA range to double down on efforts for skin hydration. Boasting blue HA, this cream acts as a water reservoir for the skin, ensuring it stays moisturised for over 100H. The cream is exquisitely lightweight which your skin will drink right up without leaving behind any residue or icky greasy feeling. This stellar product is a must-have for people who grapple with dehydrated skin on the reg.


Potent elixirs brewed with medicinal herbs, Asian wisdom and research spanning a 5 decade-long run—the state-of-art brand Sulwhasoo offers a multi-sensorial experience. From exquisite texture to evocative scents, the products bottle time-defying, age reversing and skin-rejuvenating concentrates which have irreversibly altered the face of Korean skincare. Established by AMOREPACIFIC Corporation, ahead we dissect the two of the top offerings from the opulent brand.

Brand Bestsellers

Boasting Sulwhasoo JAUM activator TM, this post-cleansing serum addresses different skin concerns in a single step to help your skin realise its full potential. The featherlight serum dwindles episodes of skin dehydration, fine lines, boosts radiance and promotes a healthy skin barrier.

If you are chasing after taut skin this season –might we recommend getting your hands on the renewing cream by Sulwhasoo? This creamy concoction infuses into the dermis and improves the appearance of wrinkles. This Ginseng Alchemy adeptly guards the skin against menacing external aggressors like pollution, harsh temperatures and so forth. What we love the most about this renewing cream is the soft scent of ginseng that lingers and elevates the soul!


Inarguably, Korea’s no makeup brand— the ethos of Etude revolves around having fun with beauty. The products by the brand are high performing, frugal, traverse across a spectrum of colours and often boast playful and quirky packaging. Deemed fit for seasoned enthusiasts and novices, the brand was introduced to the Indian market to a thrilling response in 2019 by the corporation. Ahead, we give you an overview of the brand’s most popular offering, the Dear Darling Makeup Tint

The Most Coveted Offering From This K-Beauty Brand

If you want a sheer coverage with a hint of natural-sque colour on your pucker, the Dear Darling Makeup Tint by Etude is the answer. This tint has a watery consistency which glides on effortlessly and can be used for a pop of colours on the apples of your cheek as well to mimic a healthy glow.

A liquid Hydro - A matte tint infused with botanical ingredients for an ultra-comfortable, non-drying, weightless feel! The formula provides 360 coverage in one sweep and has a water-resistant effect that stays plush for 6 hours. This weightless and velvety lipstick delivers bold colour pay off and dries down (with zero stickiness!) leaving a buttery suede-matte finish.

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