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AQUA CRUSH: Signature Scents We’re Crushing On

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From classic Armani exclusives to good ol’ Cavalli love, the obsession of aqua perfumes for women is booming off the roofs as we speak! The pitter patter of rain has brought a flurry of fresh fragrances to our attention. Now, amidst this massive overload of beauty gush, we asked our beauty editors what they were obsessing over as the skies thundered.

Here are their top picks of top perfumes for women:

Top Perfumes for Women – Fijian Water


If you listen closely, you can almost hear the waves. Now, what if we told you that a bottle of perfume could teleport you straight to the exotic tropical paradise of Fiji? Well, let’s just say it’s possible. “Equal parts pure and potent, this magical mix transports my mind to sandy, sun-kissed beaches and azure waves on dreamy islands,” says Jinelle D’Lima, of the Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus Eau De Toilette, her new number one.

2. Sea Goddess Vibes…

Fans of Pink Lady Apples, Tiares and Magnolias will easily fall for the Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua For Women Eau De Parfum. “Soft, delicate and fresh, this 'sea-breeze' inspired aqua perfume for women is great for everyday wear. The combination of sensual floral and fresh aquatic notes makes it the perfect choice for special occasions too,” says Hiba Ansari. We’ve got our eyes on this pick for sure!

Aqua Perfume for Women – Calvin Klein Aqua Perfume
Best Aqua Perfumes – BVLGARI Perfume

3. A Bad Day Sealution!

To hell with lousy days. Let’s dip into a sultry aqua dream with the BVLGARI Aqva Atlantiqve Eau De Toilette. “This heavenly scented fragrance is instantly energizing and refreshing making it the best aqua perfume. A generous spritz in the a.m. and I’m good to get through not-so-great days too!” says Richa Jain, confiding that this scented spray-on dry oil mist is her current beauty crush. Pretty days ahead, my ladies!

4. A Coquettish Affair...

Sensual scent lovers, make merry! The gorgeous L'Occitane Aqua Moisturizing Mist is a rich concoction of warm and sexy, all in one. “This strong and sensual fragrance is LOVE! The fresh, cooling aroma and blend of spicy and mild makes a delightful fragrance for day and night,” says Urvi Dalal, adding that this is her go-to spritzer for Saturday nights out!

Aquatic Perfumes for Women – L’Occitane Aqua Mist
Top Perfumes for Women – Salvatore Perfume

5. Beach BombshellS Be Like…

Picture this: sipping on Mai Tai and conjuring up the sweet smell of flirty ocean waves. Sugary life we tell you! Over to Shikha Pandey. “I am a beach person and the Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale Blu Eau de Toilette makes me feel closer to the serene waves and the sea every time I use it. I just love how the scent lingers on my skin all day.” We want to be in the same boat as you, Shikha!

6. The Unfettered Being

Nothing matches the luxuriant pleasure of splashing on an Armani. When asked which fresh fragrance she would save if the house was burning down, Mousree Paul was quick to pick the Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia Eau De Parfum. “I think of myself as a free-spirited soul and I’ve never had to doubt my fragrance choices, thanks to this absolute beauty!” We’d like an Armani Girl tag too, right girls?

Aqua Perfumes for Women – Giorgio Armani Perfumes
Best Aqua Perfumes – Davidoff Cool Water Perfume

7. She’s A Classic!

The queen of aquatic scents, Davidoff Cool Water Eau De Toilette For Woman is the essence of sensuality, freshness and natural beauty. “I've been using this for the longest time. The refreshing, oceanic scent is perfect for someone who isn't a fan of floral fragrances. Lasts really long and is perfect for every occasion!” says Sanya Hamdani. Now let’s remember to add that to our beauty checklist.

8. Crushing on Cavalli

Inspired by captivating portraits of the golden sunrise over the azure Mediterranean Sea, the house of Cavalli created Roberto Cavalli Acqua Eau De Toilette Spray, a bottle of hypnotic allure for the fierce, feminine soul. “I’m usually a sucker for sweet, fruity fragrances but this one has me playing for the other team. It's super subtle and refreshing—the perfect pick-me-up for days you'd rather be on a tropical island, or even better, travelling to one instead,” says Brionie Pereira.

Aquatic Perfumes for Women – Roberto Cavalli Spray
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