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Are Organic Hair Products Worth The Hype? Let’s Find Out

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With clean beauty literally making waves in the skincare industry, it’s no surprise that this trend is gaining popularity with haircare too. Imagine hair products formulated with good-for-you ingredients and the results summing to a win for all i.e You and the planet. A happy (happy!) place, don’t you think? That being said, creating a clean and green a.k.a. an organic hair care routine isn’t a formidable task. You need a handful of trustworthy natural ingredients that will give your tresses the shine and strength you have always yearned for. Plus, your scalp will benefit from this switcheroo too.

For someone that deals with greasy scalp and dry locks, going organic has been a game changer and how.  So if you are due to switch over to natural hair products, here are some top reasons as to why you should say hello to the natural goodness of mother nature.

Mild YET Effective

Healthy and luscious hair is the dominant reason for the increased demand for organic hair products. Organic and natural hair products are mild on the scalp and do not slump the quality of your hair.

Organic shampoos contain natural ingredients such as fruit extracts, herbs, essential/natural oils and much more. These ingredients deliver splendid nutrients to your hair  and add to the softness and shine. Furthermore, these formulas are devoid of SLS ingredients, which means that it doesn’t lather or foam making it milder on the scalp. But fret not, this does not mean that it will leave your tresses unclean. You simply need to give it an extra cleanse and your locks will be just as silky and clean as ever.

Love Beauty & Planet
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Protect Your Hair Colour

If you are someone who likes switching things up once in a while, then organic hair products are the way to go for you. The reason for that being chemicals shred the natural oils from your scalp and fade out your hair colour faster, along with external circumstances of course. For instance, being out in the sun for too long without a hat and loving your occasional swims. And, it won’t be long before you start noticing discoloured strands that look no less than dry and lifeless. This is why using natural hair products, including natural hair dyes help preserve the colour of your hair while keeping them luscious and healthy.

Indus Valley Gel Color for Hair

Biotique Herbcolor Hair Color 3N

Worth Every Penny

There is a considerable amount of debate whether you should commit to natural hair products. If you see through the costs and benefits, you’ll be convinced that organic hair products are worth that extra penny. They are as effective as regular hair cleansers and offer copious benefits still unknown to most. Some of the great benefits of investing in natural hair care include reducing your expense over maintaining, styling, treatments etc which ultimately makes the purchase highly economical and at a bargain.

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Free From Synthetic Irritants And Chemicals

This is undoubtedly the most obvious reason to go organic. The beauty of organic hair cosmetics is that they are often infused with hair loving ingredients that can also be found in your local groceries. For instance, a hair cleanser infused with coconut oil acts as a great cleanser to keep your hair hydrated, strong and elastic - all thanks to the keratin present in coconut oil.

It is also great for people with color-treated, heat damaged hair who find heaps of benefits from going organic. Instead of amplifying the damage done, this will ensure and create a safe, thriving environment for your hair while you nurse it to its initial healthy state.

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