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Are Under-Eye Circles Giving You Sleepless Nights? By New York Dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia, MD

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dark circles under eyes causes and treatment

Hate those bags under your eyes? Do you get frustrated when everyone asks why you’re looking so tired? Well, you’re definitely not alone. Under-eye circles and sagging affects nearly every man and woman in India. Imperfections around the eyes can be very upsetting, because even a little discoloration can make you look like you have aged overnight. And, for those of you more sensitive to this, even one night without sleep can make those under-eye circles appear!

But, what causes under eye circles?

Under eye circles are usually caused by four primary factors.

1. Genetic Anatomic Component:

Firstly, there could be a genetic anatomic component. Many people have deep-set eyes, which means their eye sockets are recessed. Basically, because their eyes are set so deep, shadows form under them because of the way the light hits the concave area. Additionally, genetically, you may be prone to discoloration and poor blood circulation in the area. So if your mother or father has a tendency for dark circles, you’re most likely to have them too.

2. Pigmentation:

Secondly, under-eye circles could be caused by pigmentation. Some people have a tendency towards discoloration that makes them look perpetually tired.

3. Poor Blood Circulation:

The third component is poor blood circulation. Sometimes, lymphatic and blood flow is weak in this location, causing the area to get puffy and red or even look mildly bruised. You will find this worsens when you’re stressed, tired or haven’t had enough sleep.

4. Aging:

The final cause is aging. As we age, our collagen, or the protein that keep our skin tight, weakens and becomes damaged. We also start producing less collagen. This ultimately causes our skin to sag, becoming loose. When the skin under the eyes sags downward, under eye circles can form and worsen! Unfortunately, there is no magical cream to solve all these issues.

However, there are a range of treatments now available to solve this troubling (and tiring!) issue. For those of you looking for non-invasive options, Under Eye Rescue may be for you. Under Eye Rescue is highly effective while also being non-invasive and without side effects!

What is Under Eye Rescue?

Under Eye Rescue is a magical under eye erasing treatment that combines the collagen boosting effects of radio frequency with anti-pigmentation actives for a treatment that affects all the factors that cause under-eye circles. This requires 6-8 sessions for the full benefits to show, and results can last for more than a year. For those of you pressed for time Ulthera of the Under Eyes is a good option. It’s a non-invasive therapy that uses the beauty of sound to instantly tighten your under eye area in two sessions, with results showing instantly and improving over the next few months. This US FDA approved therapy gives results that last for up to two years and provide miraculous benefits for the under eye area!

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