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Are you Waiting to sport Kalki’s sculpted look?

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Now this is a movie that was well worth the wait. Starring two powerhouse talents Kalki Koechlin and Naseeruddin Shah, the film is a touching tale of the vagaries of life. Two disparate people tied together in a hospital where their loved ones are fighting for their life. The feisty Tara Despande is an impatient, impulsive and out spoken woman, struggling to come to terms with her husbands near fatal accident. But even as a Plane Jane, there’s no escaping her luminescent beauty. 
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I’ve met Kalki and she does have a picture perfect porcelain complexion. But boy is she pale! While pale skins are beautiful in their own way they need color to add warmth. Contouring isn’t an easy ask because it can look patchy. I recently contoured a pale skinned bride so this tutorial is all about pale skin contouring. One normally associates contouring with a bronzed, glowy complexion but I’ll teach you how to sculpt lighter skin tones and show off killer cheekbones without looking made up.
To start with, skip the bronzer. Most bronzers are too warm for a pale fair face. Instead, try contouring using a matte powder with a cool, ashy-gray undertone — the color of your natural contour shadows. Try MUA Blusher – Shade 6
It’s easiest to contour using the Inglot Makeup Brush - 3P or the Kent TWMU9 Contour Brush.
Are you <i>Waiting</i> to sport Kalkis sculpted look - 2
Highlighter and contouring powder are like peanut butter and jelly, good on their own, better together. Wherever you contour, you should highlight directly above. For fair skin, I like using a white shimmer powder.
Finally, blend, blend, then blend some more. Nothing says unnatural more than obvious streaks. I like natural hair brushes to blend powder. Use circular motions and long strokes to soften harsh lines. But what works best for me is a strobing brush. Thought it is synthetic the bristles are lighter and work best for a seamless finish. The Real Techniques Powder Brush or Inglot Makeup Brush - 27TG  or the good old Vega Buffer Brush (PB-11) is perfect.
By makeup artist Arshis Javeri (www.arshisjaveri.com)
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