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Athleisure, the ultimate workout makeup trend

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Perk up ladies! If you’re a fitness junkie and hitting the gym sans makeup is your biggest nightmare, we get you! Say Hello to Athleisure, the new bold and innovative trend that’s finding converts even as you read this. Makeup is all about looking good in one’s own skin and athleisure allows your skin to do just that--breathe while exercising, even after applying your favorite beauty products!

Sunkissed Athleisure for the Outdoorsy Miss

If outdoor activities like running, jogging or cycling are so your thing, you shouldn’t shy away from the Sun! But heat and sweat can clog pores and attract germs. Sweat-proof makeup to the rescue! A tinted BB/CC cream with SPF and a waterproof mascara is all you need. Don’t forget to take along a water-proof, gel sunscreen too. 

Master the Outdoorsy Vibe

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Get-Set-Go Athleisure for the Gym Gal

If you’re into Pilates, Yoga or Zumba, budge-proof makeup should be your go-to! Since all your fitness activities happen indoors, it’s important for your skin to stay hydrated. Consider mineral-based, non comedogenic foundations and hydrating face serums your new BFFs!

Gym Gal Get Pretty Quick Necessities

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Splash Out Athleisure for Water Babes

Water based fitness activities like swimming, water yoga and water aerobics are more popular than ever before, and athleisure has the perfect solutions for your makeup needs. Hola, light weight and waterproof makeup! Start with a primer that keeps makeup intact and follow up with a tinted moisturizer. Finally a swipe of lip tint before you dive in!

Pretty Basics for Water Babes

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So there you are. No more excuses. Look as good in and out of the gym was never easier.  
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