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Aviance now at Nykaa!

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As women we know how we’re always searching for ways to express our individuality. Our outward appearance plays a role in how we connect with world around us and now thanks to Aviance, we have a unique revolutionary skincare range nurtured with Bio Energized natural extracts that restores the skins inherent luminosity that radiates in all glory.
Aviance beautifully marries nature and skin innovation with technology. At the heart of every Aviance product are plant extracts, poly peptides and vitamin complexes which are infused with Bio-Energised technology. This technology brings alive the proposition of inherent luminosity that the brand promises through its products. The brand introduces two of its key ranges Hydra Balance and White Intense.
Aviance products are the crème-de-la-crème of beauty choices for the elegant woman of today. So go ahead and choose your Aviance skin care formula, perfectly customised for Indian skin types and color tones which work with the natural process of the skin to give measurable, visible results.
Nykaa has launched the exclusive Aviance White Intense and Hydra Balance ranges.
The White Intense range is designed to remove surface impurities and restore your skin’s glow and radiance. The White Intense range includes:
With Hydra Balance, one can witness bio-energy increase the benefit of active ingredients that penetrate deep within the skin’s surface, drenching the skin in moisture. This life-giving hydration results in dewy, luminous skin. The Hydra Balance range includes:
To check out the Aviance range today, click here.
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