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Baby products moms love to use!

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Whether they’re delicately scented, enriched with gentle, organic ingredients or offer optimal sun protection, new mommies can’t resist using these baby products themselves. Not only do they solve almost every new-mom’s dilemma, from stretch marks and dry skin woes to niggling intimate hygiene issues, but they’re also light on the pocket since they’re already stocked for the wee one at home!

Here are a few products moms love to steal from their babies.

Johnson & Johnson Baby Soap Blossoms

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Moms trust Johnson’s no matter what! The brand is synonymous with baby care essentials and toiletries. For a clean happy baby, bathing comes first. Enriched with natural milk proteins and Vitamin E this gentle, yet effective bar offers complete skin cleansing and nourishment for your little one.
Why moms use it?
"Post pregnancy, new mother’s hormones are still working their way back to before they were pregnant, therefore unwanted skin conditions may still occur," says Dr. Marina Peredo, Associate Clinical Professor - Dermatology, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York. Since you are more susceptible to skin disorders after delivery, its best to use a clinically proven formula. Johnson’s Baby Soap Blossoms is a tried-n-tested treat to avoid any unexpected rash, allergies or irritations that may arise during post-partum care. Additionally, the Vitamin E component helps reduce redness caused due to unwanted stretch marks.

Chicco Cleansing Wipes

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You don’t get more natural than these. Each tissue’s soft texture gently cleanses even the most stubborn stains on baby. Free from parabens, alcohol and dyes, Chicco’s Cleansing Wipes are blended with organic ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Chamomile for no-tear benefits. They not only wipe down a sweet-potato stained face or chocolate-clad sticky hands but also hydrate baby’s skin with a single swipe.
Why moms use it?
The packaging of this easy-to-pull product of 72 wipes will instantly win you over. Doubling up as a make-up remover and face-cleanser for mommies this multitasking product is definitely a game changer. Infused with emollient properties and deeply soothing benefits it cleanses the face from any make-up residue, dirt or grime from pollution. What’s more? It’s hypoallergenic, so can be used daily, even on the most sensitive face.  

Sebamed Baby Cream

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This light cream uses natural botanicals to soothe and heal your baby's skin. With the pH value of 5.5 Baby Sebamed is clinically proven to provide intensive outer-layer protection while simultaneously promoting epidermal development. Free off colour additives, nitro-mochus compounds and formaldehyde it is suitable to use on baby’s extremely, delicate face too.
Why moms use it?
A new mom’s skin is extremely delicate from the general wear and tear of giving birth. Thus a dermatologically tested cream is ideal for general chafing, genito-anal usage and protection against dryness. The 42% lipid composition rich in Panthenol, regenerates and nurtures the body’s largest organ. 

Mamaearth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies Certified Toxin Free

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‘Precaution is better than cure’ is the mantra to follow when it’s time for baby’s day out. Get the best protection under sun with Mamaearth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies Certified Toxin Free. The cream provides broad spectrum protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Say goodbye to skin darkening, sun burns and age spots with Mamaearth Mineral Based Sunscreen for Babies Certified Toxin Free.
Why moms use it?
Most mothers tend to have sensitive skin post-delivery. This mild but effective sunscreen is specifically formulated for children but works wonders for adults too. One happy mom Ruchika Awasthi said, It’s a staple in our home, as we all use it! Serena D’Souza, mom to a one-year-old added, “Want in on a secret? It’s even gentle enough to use on the face”. So whether you’re heading out grocery shopping or tanning by the pool, this cream’s definitely good-buy.

Dove Baby Lotion Rich Moisture (200ml)

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Dirty nappies make cranky babies. Keep your loved one’s bum clean, moisturized and hydrated with Dove Baby Lotion Rich Moisture (200ml).  This unique cream nourishes baby’s skin deeply, thanks to its highly moisturizing formula and the rich texture and is particularly suitable for dry areas. 
Why moms use it?
The gentle, hypoallergenic and pH neutral formula of this Baby Dove baby body lotion is a saviour not only for your bundle of joy but also for you. It’s 3x more moisturizing that lasts for upto 24 hours and replenishes your baby’s precious skin barrier is amazing. Still doubting when we say this miracle cream is called the knight in shining armour? Kindly get it done as soon as possible. 
Comment below if there are some other baby products you love to use.
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