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Back to Basics: How to pick the right fragrance

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 “A signature fragrance can say it ALL” – Chanel
In an ideal world a signature fragrance is one that best defines your personality. It’s your distinctive aroma that lingers log after you’ve gone. But with the multitude of brands cropping up each season with newer more potent potions, we’re all left wondering – how to choose THE fragrance that defines us? Fear the fragrance walls no more folks as we seek to answer all your queries and more. But first let’s get down to “Finding the right note”
Know your Notes!
Notes—classified into three groups namely Top, Middle and Base—denote groups of scents that linger on with respect to the time after the application of a perfume.
Top Notes
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The top note of a fragrance represents the very first impression as soon as you apply it. Generally, the lightest note of all, top notes are recognized immediately upon application of a perfume and are also the first to fade given their light molecular structure. The most common scents include citrus, light fruits and herbs.
Middle Notes
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Considered the heart of the fragrance, middle notes last longer than top notes and have a strong influence on the base notes to follow. A perfume's heart is generally pleasant and well-rounded with a smooth combination of floral or fruit tones; sometimes infused with spices.
Base Notes
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Base notes appear once the top notes are completely evaporated and mingle with the heart notes to create the full body of the fragrance. They provide a lasting impression by lingering on skin for hours. Ordinarily cedarwood, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, patchouli, oakmoss and musk form the base notes.
Several notes blend harmoniously together to form an accord – an alluring scent that's aromatically appealing, a.k.a. your perfume. Classified into four basic categories on the fragrance wheel the categories are namely; fresh, floral, woods and oriental.
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Fresh Fragrances
These include citrus, water, green and fruity notes
Characterized by freshness and lightness, this group of scents is commonly known by their citrus or green notes. Often made from lemon, orange and bergamot; then accented with herbal tones for that jolt of crispiness these perfumes revive the senses. Spritz on when you step out with girl pals for brunch or relax by the pool.
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Earthy & Woody Fragrances
Include aromatic wood notes such as sandalwood, oak moss and cedar wood
Woody fragrances are built on base notes of bark and moss, conjuring winding forest paths. These wild aromatic perfumes often have light top notes with a muskier heart made from sandalwood, patchouli and oak moss to provide an air of sophistication and luxury. Wear this strong, opulent scent to accent your date-night outfit.
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Warm & Spicy Fragrances
Includes sweet, spicy and tropical notes
Exotic and distinctly adventurous, these decadent blends feature an earthy, animalistic base scent such as musk or ambergris, often combined with warm notes such as amber. Be the show stopper at dinner with a bold yet mysterious perfume that makes a big entrance.  
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Floral Fragrances
Includes florals from a single glower petal to a floral bouquet 
Sweet and romantic, these scents are made for girly girls. Florals are sometimes a single note, but generally combine the fragrances of various flowers such as rose, violet, lily, jasmine and lavender to create a classic feminine appeal. Spritz on these light and slightly sweet scents when you want to make a pretty impression.
Now go fill up the room with a fragrance that’s made for you!
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