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Bathing Redefined Thanks To Nykaa Soap Story

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With that lipstick box overflowing with Nykaa lippies, we bet your bath kit is dealing with pangs of jealousy. Guess what, Nykaa Cosmetics just took a break from moulting lipsticks and concentrated on refining your bathing experience. The result is an exemplary handcrafted soap range, infused with the best natural ingredients. Here’s why you should chuck that chemical-laden bar sitting in your bath and begin your own herbal soap story right now.

  • All these cruelty-free bathing beauties, infused with generous portions of Shea Butter, Olive Oil, and Coconut Oil, provide added moisture and help maintain the skin’s natural pH levels.
  • Each bar is traditionally cold-pressed and then cured for at least six weeks to attain the finest possible quality.
  • Enjoy the unique, natural fragrance that lingers all day. A sensorial experience like no other!
  • All soaps are dressed in beautiful, reusable jute bags, accompanied by a cutesy mini-booklet that provides detailed information about the ingredients and its benefits.
  • Rich in antioxidants, they are suitable for every skin type, including super-sensitive skin.
  • Off-the-counter commercial soaps are injected with animal fats and synthetic chemicals. The Glycerine is then removed and sold to cosmetics industries. Then this highly-tampered bar goes through a vacuumed drying process and is pressed into its final shape. Instead of hydrating the skin, such chemical-rich bars strip off its natural moisture. Still need any more reason to make the switch and enjoy the creamy texture of our handmade soaps?

Available in eight all-natural variants, you’ll be saying an excited YAASS to #SoapStory in no time.

Nykaa soap- Rose & Almond

Rose & Almond

Both Rose and Almond are known for their natural skin-toning and skin-brightening properties. Plus, who doesn’t want to be wrapped in the intoxicating aroma of Rose for the rest of the day.


Lavender & Chamomile

Touted for their calming and soothing properties, just what you need at the end of a taxing day. It’s time to break away from hustle bustle of life and rejuvenate with this comforting concoction.

Nykaa soap- Lavender & Chamomile
Nykaa soap-  Tea Tree & Aloe

Tea Tree & Aloe

Acne-prone skin, go take a chill pill; the magical blend of Tea Tree and Aloe is here to pave the way for a clearer complexion. Both these ingredients are known to draw out dirt from within and soothe skin brilliantly.


Brown Sugar & Almond Oil

This decadent brew is trusted for its job of getting rid of dead skin cells. In fact, Brown Sugar is especially known for its ability to transfer moisture from the environment to your skin.

Nykaa soap- Brown Sugar & Almond Oil
Nykaa soap- Charcoal & Green Tea

Charcoal & Green Tea

Charcoal is one of the biggest buzzwords in the skincare world and we couldn’t agree more. Along with Green Tea, Charcoal gives your skin an ultimate detox, freeing it from all forms of impurities.


Argan Oil & Mango Butter

While Argan Oil undoes skin damage and provides deep-rooted nourishment, Mango Butter is packed with moisturizing anti-oxidants. The result is incredibly soft and bouncy skin.

Nykaa soap- Argan Oil & Mango Butter
Nykaa soap- Coffee & Cocoa Butter

Coffee & Cocoa Butter

When your body needs a wake-up call, this is what you should swear by. Freshly-grounded Coffee and Cocoa Butter work together to prevent clogged pores and tighten the skin. Ready for a deliciously invigorating bath?


Sandalwood & Blackened Vanilla

Lather up like the Queens of India who used chandan as their long-kept beauty secret. Choc-a-bloc with anti-aging properties and the woody aroma of Sandalwood, a royal bathing experience awaits you.

Nykaa soap- Sandalwood & Blackened Vanilla
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