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BBLUNT’s #DirtyLittleSecret takes the Internet by storm!

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It’s not every day that you see people sharing the places they ‘do it’ all over their social media, but BBLUNT successfully figured out how to get them to share their #DirtyLittleSecret. They asked everyone where would they ‘do it’ and the answers were pretty interesting! In fact, several celebrities were all ready to get down and dirty!
“I do it in the bathroom,” confessed Adhuna Bhabani.
“I do it in the morning after a long night of dirty dancing!’ said Sarah Jane Dias.
“I do it before a girls’ night out,” confided Malini Agarwal.
“I do it on the beach,” said Monica Dogra.
Not to be left out, India’s top bloggers joined the conversation and gave them a tough competition with their cheeky responses.
“I do it in front of the mirror,” said Debasree Banerjee.
“I do it in the washroom of an airplane, always,” whispered Larissa D’Sa.
This got the whole town talking about their #DirtyLittleSecret, leading to BBLUNT revealing theirs, the Back To Life Dry Shampoo, in the most fun music video we’ve seen in a long time. Let’s face it, every girl needs a little extra ‘time in bed’, be it for sleeping or anything else that pleases her, if you know what we mean. The Dry Shampoo is the perfect go-to product for that last minute refreshing look every girl craves for her hair. It’s extra convenient to spray on after the gym, or even for an outdoor party. So girls, keep this helpful bottle in easy reach at all times!
What’s not to love about this magic-in-a-bottle? It absorbs excess grease and grime anywhere, anytime and is an instant fix for second day hair. It’s BBLUNT’s morning quickie, constant affair, and their booty call, their #DirtyLittleSecret. Everybody will notice but no one will know!
The dry shampoo anthem was India’s first music video featuring Adhuna Bhabani and India’s top 15 bloggers including Miss Malini, Scherezade Shroff, Debasree Banerjee, Santoshi Shetty, Shanaya Sardesai, Sonal Sagaraya, Komal Khulbe, Larissa D'sa, Karishma Rawat, Bhumika Thakkar, Stuti Singh, Megha Bajaj, Hesha Chimah, Anushka Mulchandani and Malvika Sitlani.
BBLUNTs #DirtyLittleSecret takes the Internet by storm! - 1
All these sassy ladies grooved to the beat of the song and created an epic music video of their #DirtyLittleSecret!
BBLUNTs #DirtyLittleSecret takes the Internet by storm! - 2
The tune was so damn catchy; even Bollywood's best couldn't stop humming it.
BBLUNTs #DirtyLittleSecret takes the Internet by storm! - 3
BBLUNTs #DirtyLittleSecret takes the Internet by storm! - 4
BBLUNTs #DirtyLittleSecret takes the Internet by storm! - 5
BBLUNTs #DirtyLittleSecret takes the Internet by storm! - 6
BBLUNT’s Back To Life Dry Shampoo is really easy to use just as the music video suggests; Shake, Spray from 6 inches away and rub it on for 2 and you are ready to go! Not only is the product easy to use but also a life savior.
Santoshi Shetty from Styledge shares her reasons for using the dry shampoo, “Firstly, because I am too lazy! This one is like a lazy person's dream come true! Secondly, I travel a lot and the dry shampoo is so handy for fixing your hair on the go.” Miss Malini adds, “It’s one of those things, I never leave home without.” We couldn’t agree more!
Learn how to use the dry shampoo in the most fun way possible by watching the The Dry Shampoo Anthem and get ready to be hooked.
WARNING: You might just find yourself humming this at odd places.
After watching that, we’re sure you want to get your hands on Dry Shampoo. Click here to get yours today!  
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