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BEAUTY CRYSTAL BALL: Makeup Trends Set To Dominate 2018

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From plush aqua lids to polished icy lips, 2018 is poised to be the year of cutting edge everything. If they’re good enough for the Hadids and Jenners, well then it’s good enough for us. #ObsessedObviously.

Spotted on some of the most photographed faces in the world, here’s our lowdown on the hottest makeup trends that sweep the universal grandiose beauty rush (and Instagram).

Mood Purple Rain

A shade that communicates originality, visionary thinking and of course the late music legend Prince, Pantone has deemed ultra violet the official hue of 2018. Since it’s a tricky color especially for Indian skin, here’s how you pull off this regal hue without look like a mess. Rule number one, avoid going monochrome. Since this color is more of a chalky purple, go for the eyes. Pull out the MUA Eyeshadow - Shade 21 and draw out a graphic winged shadow to keep it current. Pair this look with a nude lip and let your eyes do all the talking, sugar!
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The Mermaid Dream

Sported early last year by the gorgeous Emrata and Instagram royalty Kim K of course, Mermaid Beauty is now back with a splash, officially making a major comeback. So, dive right in and conquer this look by getting your hands on the SeaSoul Matte Eyeshadow- English Blue. Man, this majestic blue pigment on your lids is unreal. Go for a generous amount for this one and apply on your lower lids and take it all the way to your inner corners. Keep your lips muted. Oh, and paint your tips with the gorgeous Nykaa Unicorn Potion-Mystical Mermaid. Warning: You’ll make Ariel jealous.

Frost On My Mind

Stop everything you’re doing, because we’ve got just what you need to brandish the prettiest frosty lips EVER. Enter NYX Professional Makeup Cosmic Metals Lip Cream. This creamy, gold-flecked formula has got everything you need to rock that icy pout. Less chalky and a heck of a lot cooler. If you’re uncertain always remember that the secret to trying something new is by upgrading with a color you already know and love. If you ask us, we’re totally digging the shade Crystallized Metal. Stunning on literally all skin tones, this swanky hue is begging to be instagrammed. Double tap!
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The Gold Spill

It’s Saturday night and you’ve got no plans? Nu-huh. You’re going to turn off Netflix and jump out of those jammies, pull out that favorite dress and get your gold shadow splashed across your lids. If you’re on the hunt for a good one, the pigment on the Zuii Organic Flora Eyeshadow- Rich Gold is to die for. Skip smoking this out. Go pure gold and no detour. Close this look by smearing on the L.A. Colors Pout Super Shine Lipgloss - Pouty for some onion pink glassy lips and you’re good to go. Results? Super rad. Ok wait, did we just legit super seal your saturday night?

Plush Lush Lash

Classics are classics for a reason. Stock up on that mascara (and a whole lot of falsies), because this year is going to be all about filthy rich lashes. Let’s get straight to it. First apply a thick layer of the SUGAR Lash Mob Limitless Mascara- Black With A Bang. Then pull out the Huda Beauty Classic Lash- Scarlett (obviously) and apply a fair amount of lash glue on the thin strip section using a Q-tip and gently place on both lid lines. Lock this with another coat of mascara. If you do it right, you can secretly wear this look everyday. Yesss.
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Glitter Obsessed OK!

Join us as we take a moment to thank the makeup gods for introducing a whole lotta sparkle on our skin. Finally, right? We said it before and we’ll say it again. Glitter is QUEEN. Glitter liddies? Even better. Start by getting your hands on the NELF USA Velvet Shine Lipgloss-Natural. Apply a fair amount of this clear sticky gloss on your lids and follow that up by dabbing on the Colorbar Feel The Rain Twinkling Glitter-Dewy to get your glitter to last you all day. Shimmer, shimmer baby. Oh, and you’ve definitely got Jake DuPree’s aka Glitter Fantasy’s blessing (and ours).

Flick That Cat

Did someone say cat-eye flick? Well, if you ask us, the classic cat eye never really left and it's definitely having its moment in the spotlight right now, but this time with more shapes and detail. Instead of tracing an ultra-sharp wing, this spring's revival is all about sharp angles and graphic edges. Go pointier and take that wing a notch or two higher to get the flirty feline vibe on. Pro tip: trace the outline of the wing first, then fill it in. The Miss Claire Artist Pen Eyeliner - Black is perfect to get that precision bang on. We likey!
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Sunshine On My Cheeks

We definitely found love in Ri Ri’s super hyped best-selling highlighter in the shade Trophy Wife’ from her groundbreaking beauty empire Fenty Beauty. As the world celebrates the magic of this stunner, how about we tell you exactly what you need to bring that power sheen on your cheekbones without pinching your pocket? Well, loaded with super fine shimmer, the Makeup Revolution Pro Highlighter-Illuminate is your best bet. Aim for the temples, bridge of the nose and your chin and the top corner of your cheekbones for those sunshine cheeks, because a little bit of sunshine never hurts, right?
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