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Beauty & Makeup Hacks

We’ve all been there. Spending our hard earned paycheck on that expensive serum (induced with *something fancy*) to instantly brighten up. Binging on a bunch of nude lippies that promise you Kim Kardashian-esque perfection. But it never stops here, does it? There are always those ‘limited edition’ contour kits or that perfect eyebrow gel to look forward to every week; and though you intend to stop right there, you can’t—because you love how that ‘IT’ mascara gives you eyelashes for days. Talk about instant gratification!

Well, the sad part is that these often serve as the flavour of the ‘week’; only to be relegated to the backs of your vanity cases once the dust settles (quite literally). Also, there are those times when you’ve ruined a favorite and instantly ended up splurging on a replacement.  Well, we have rounded up some genius solutions for all your binging excuses, that’ll save you tons of money AND teach you how to recycle, with affordable beauty products and some smart DIY!

DIY Beauty Hacks With Affordable Beauty Products
Makeup life hacks

1. Excuse: Cracked Compact/Eyeshadows/Blush

The Scenario: You’re reaching for that expensive eyeshadow, it slips out of your hand (hello butter fingers) and bam! Your prized product (and your heart) are shattered in a million pieces on the floor.

Solution: All you need is rubbing alcohol (in a spray bottle), a container and a spoon. Start by collecting all the pieces and place them in the container. Next, spritz alcohol until the powder is saturated, and press it all in the palette. Once the product dries, your once-broken eye shadow should be pretty close to its original form.

2. Excuse: Eyeing that new ‘kid’ on the block

The Scenario: You can’t stop dreaming about that new skin care product which seems to be the answer to all your beauty woes.

The Solution: True, this could be the ‘one’, but what if it isn’t? Just opt for a smaller size (or travel sizes) in case you end up not liking the product. Remember, one big bottle is only great when you intend to use it all.

beauty life hacks
DIY makeup hacks

3. Excuse: Dried out mascara/nail polish

The Scenario: Your eye makeup is flawless; but everything falls apart the minute you try to coat your lashes with that dried out mascara. Yelp!

Solution: Easy peasy! Add ten drops of cooling eye drops to your dried-out mascara and give it a good shake. Ready to use! To fix dry nail polish, add acetone or nail polish remover and roll the bottle between your hands to loosen it up.

4. Excuse: Retail therapy to lift the spirits

The Scenario: You spot something suddenly and convince yourself you need it RIGHT NOW!

The Solution: Instead of whipping out your credit card or clicking on ‘Checkout’, sleep over it. If you’re shopping online, add your things to the cart and leave them there for a day. Chances are you might not even want it later or end up getting some additional reminder discounts!

easy makeup hacks
DIY makeup hacks

5. Excuse: Wrong foundation/concealer/lipstick shade

The Scenario: You ‘accidentally’ splurged on the wrong shade

Solution: There is nothing more frustrating than ending up with an unflattering lip shade. However, you can also repurpose the same as a rouge. Picked up a foundation/concealer that’s too dark? Easy. Use it to contour your face. In case of a lighter shade, mix it with a bit of matte bronzer to give your skin that lovely sun-kissed glow.

6. Excuse: Extensive beauty/makeup ritual

The Scenario: You like to go that extra mile with a multitude of skincare and makeup products.

The Solution: Say yes to multi-tasking products; think makeup products with skincare benefits or vice versa to lighten that bulging vanity case. For instance, opt for a tinted moisturizer with SPF benefits that will act as a great base, face cream and sunscreen all at once; likewise, you can choose a lip and cheek tint that acts as a rouge as well as a lip stain.

Makeup life hacks
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