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Ever had a moment when you’ve been so distracted by a person’s disastrous makeup that you couldn’t concentrate on anything she was saying? Makeup artist extraordinaire, Namrata Soni most definitely has. Whether you’ve been there too, or been that person, her list of avoidable beauty command-don’ts are sure to make the world a prettier place. We’d take notes if we were you….

1. Cut out the contouring
Over the past few years, contouring has blown up as exponentially as Kim K’s career, but Soni says, “I think it’s so overrated. I’m all about accentuating your natural, God-given features, but with makeup contouring, you most often don’t even look yourself. Plus, it looks like you’re wearing too much makeup – which you are. You’re wearing five different colors on your face to contour it!”
Can’t kill your contour habit? Namrata suggests using a cream bronzer or bronzing powder instead. “It’s much softer and prettier,” she insists.
2. Purple ain’t the warmest color
Remember Aishwarya’s shocking Smurf lips at Cannes last year? While she didn’t deserve as much flak as she got, Namrata agrees that the color isn’t well-suited to Indian complexions. “ Lighter, pastel shades tend to look pasty,” she adds.
But you love purple? Of course, not all shades of purple are a complete disaster. More suited to Indian skin tones, a deep, rich hue like a berry, plum or wine can look fantastic. 
3. Darker lipliner? Don’t do it!
Back in the ‘90s, all our favorite pop princesses (Hi, Britney!) sported light lipstick lined with dark lipliner. And even though ’90s trends are making a huge comeback in beauty and fashion, here’s one Namrata would like to lock up and leave in that decade. According to the pro, the only statement you should be making with lip liner is a neat, well-defined and non-feathering lip.
Don’t want to let go of the past? If you’re looking for something ’90s appropriate to go with your overalls and chokers, try a nice, nude shimmery lip instead.
4. Natural flush over cringe-worthy blush
“A lot of people don’t know where to put their blusher, or how to spread it properly and end up looking clownish,” says Namrata. If you’re still not sure where to place that blush brush, here’s her tip for not blowing it.  “Look in the mirror and give yourself a secret smile. Don’t go too far down on your cheekbones. Instead, place the brush slightly higher on the cheekbone. It looks more evenly spread out there,” she advises.
Blend, baby, blend:  Always tap out the excess, and use your brush or a powder puff to blend and remove excess product in a clockwise and anti-clockwise motion.
5. Collect cash, not kohl
“If you’re wearing a kohl pencil, make sure it doesn’t smudge and collect in the corners and creases of your under-eyes,” says Namrata of one of her biggest beauty peeves. Since there’s no avoiding sweat in the summertime, she suggests going for a good, waterproof eyeliner and priming not just your lid, but moisture-friendly hotspots like the tear ducts and outer edges of your eyes, as well as along your lower lash line.
Quick tip? Q tips! Carry some in your bag, coat with makeup remover and sweep over any runaway liner.
6. Give your skin a break
With the onslaught of beauty treatments, procedures and products available today, it’s hard to know when to call it a day. But constantly toying with the natural balance of cells and oils might do more harm than good. “Unless you have a medical condition, there’s no need to constantly pick and probe your skin. It naturally throws out impurities, blackheads and whiteheads, so go easy on face scrubs and clean-ups,” Namrata urges.
Cleanse with kindness: Instead of an intrusive, abrasive scrub, use a deep cleaning but gentle foaming mousse or gel on sensitive skin.
Now that you know what not to do, here’s a couple of Namrata’s essentials to have and hold tighter than you would your husband:
Sunscreen: Baz Luhrman isn’t the only one waxing eloquent about sunscreen – Namrata swears by it even if she’s sitting at home. Forget all else, but don’t forget this one! If you have oily skin and you’re afraid of greasiness, buy a gel or water-based, mattifying sunscreen like Kaya Ultra Light Aquagel Sunscreen SPF 25
Eye Cream: For those who wear eye makeup on the regular, invest in a good eye cream to put on before your concealer-corrector. This will keep your under-eyes hydrated and make your liner last longer. Try the The Face Shop Pomegranate and Collagen Volume Lifting Eye Cream
Face Wipes: Is the sun melting your face off before you can even step into the office? Carry baby wipes or any other skin wipes, like The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes to quickly refresh and hydrate your skin on the go.
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