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Beauty Looks For Bucket List Destinations

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’Tis the season for marking maps, booking tickets and daydreaming at your desk. Summer is here, and with it, a hot list of the top travel destinations of the year.
From the hot sands of Cairo to the cobbled streets of Malta, from feisty Mexico to laidback Seychelles, our beauty itinerary traces your way across the world, and makes sure you have the right face on, no matter where you are.

Here are the best cosmetic products to get the perfect vacation looks for 2019:

  • South Korea

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    Known for K Pop, a heady contrast of soaring skylines and mountains, mouth-watering BBQs and the most talked about skincare innovations in the world, Seoul is the perfect destination for anyone looking to get on the Orient Express this summer.  
    Landing in the Land of Morning Calm?  Make like the K-beauties with a delicate, doll-like beauty look, including peach or pink high-shine gloss, simple monotone lids to match, and glossy just-out-the-shower skin.

    Local attraction:

    If you’re feeling adventurous, try some of K-Beauty weirdest while you’re here: snail slime and salmon egg masks, placenta and pig collagen serum.
  • Mexico

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    Between secret, white-sanded beaches, crunchy tostadas, tequila and the sonorous strains of mariachi music, Mexico will help you drown your sorrows in spice, sun and revelry.
    If its gorgeous natives, Eva Longoria and Salma Hayek have any say in it, Latina spice is all about workin’ your sex appeal. If you have dusky skin or a fresh tan, play it up with a creamy nude lip, plummy or peach blush and and bold, come-hither eyes, courtesy lots of mascara and liner. 

    Local attraction:

    Don’t forget to try the region’s indigenous avocado masks, and bring back Tepezcohuite skin cream, a miracle ingredient known for its regenerative properties.
  • Morocco

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    Morocco: the word conjures images of bustling souqs and silversmiths, palms and kasbahs, a desert shrouded in Maghrebi mystique, and the piquant scent of spices and tea.
    A sojourn through its bohemian locales calls for the region’s trademark kohl (and plenty of it). Complete the look with well-furnished, statement brows, and the land is yours to conquer.

    Local attraction:

    Get baby skin with a trip to one of their ages-old hammams, and don’t forget to bring back some ghassoul, an indigenous mineral that performs miracles on your skin.
  • Seychelles

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    If sun, sea and surf are your top priorities this season, there’s no place better than the Seychelles. It might be a popular honeymoon destination, but you don’t need to be lovestruck for its turquoise waters, rare species and pirate past to make you swoon.
    Beach bums, get ready to undress your skin. Mix your sunscreen with BB cream, put on a bit of tinted lip balm, scrunch up your hair with salt spray, and apply a light sheath of bronzer on your body for that effortless, island-girl glow. 

    Local attraction:

    Slip your skin into an indulgent lekor wrap – a body treatment that includes fresh mango, banana and papaya.
  • Egypt

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    Possessed by visions of pyramids, pharaohs, ancient mythologies and the snaking waters of the Nile? Looks like Cairo’s calling out for you. One of the most historic capital cities in the world, Egypt’s crown jewel will have you steeped in mirages and mystique.
    Who better to take inspo from than the country’s most beautiful goddess? Lucky for you, Cleopatra eyes are right on trend this season. Wear that Egyptian wing with earthy-colored lips and give your cheeks some chisel and sizzle with a subtle contour.

    Local attraction:

    Take some parchment out of Cleo’s book and use dead sea salts or moringa oil for the gift of eternal youth.
  • Russia

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    Matryoshka dolls, the Romanovs, Kremlin spires and ballet – Russia’s vast and frigid expanse is full of old-world drama, and if you’re visiting this summer, you’d better be prepared for scores of glamour, too.
    Russian women are perfectly put together, without a fleck of makeup out of place. To fit in, start with a flawless base, amp up your eyes with a deep, dramatic smokey look, a natural, pink flush and a heavyweight lip balm.
    A tip from the locals: Visit a Russian banya and treat yourself to their luxuriant honey-infused masks for the face and body.
  • Argentina

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    The birthplace of the tango, Che Guevara, and the region’s finest wines, Argentina’s rugged, undulating terrain competes for attention with lively urban attractions, making it a destination that offers something for everyone.
    If Buenos Aires’ stylish portenas are any indication, in Argentina, more is more. Get a Tango-inspired look with siren red lips, smoked-out cat eyes and multiple coats of mascara.

    Local attraction:

    When in Argentina, get yourself some Yerba Mate, a native shrub whose leaves offer antioxidant properties that work wonders on the skin. 
  • Valletta, Malta

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    A small, Mediterranean gem, replete with blue lagoons and stunning coastlines, a British past and 5,000-year-old UNESCO heritage sites, Malta is now a hot new destination for travellers in 2018.
    If you’re as inspired by the vivid contrasts in its capital, Valletta, mimic the gorgeous landscape with a monotone brown look, highlighted by a pop of color. Wear a subtle matte brown eyeshadow, matched with brownish-nude lips, plum blush and striking, coast-colored blue on your waterline.

    Local attraction:

    Miss Universe Malta suggests adding a few drops of olive oil to your bath for soft, supple skin all year round.
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