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Beauty Milestones Of 2017

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Beauty Milestones Of 2017 - 1
Scavenge through 2017 and beauty hunters will see it isn’t all luxurious splurges, haute hues, steal deals or exotic ingredients that’s in store. The beauty bazaar overindulges our whims, but has also made highbrow advancements. Because of which unicorn-inspired finishes are possible IRL, lacquers come packaged as felt tips, and cosmetics are now edible. Ah science, how we love you! 2018 sure has a lot to live up to. Are you ready to enter a whole new world of innovations?

Here are the innovative beauty trends:

Beauty Milestones Of 2017 - 2

Clean Beauty

Unless you’re hiding under a rock, you’d know ‘organic’, ‘green’, ‘natural’, ‘vegan’ are buzzwords du jour. Exactly as the name claims, these products wipes out every form of toxicity (namely preservatives, fragrance, unscrupulous packaging), made from ethically-sourced ingredients. And not just skincare, cosmetic companies are ‘conscious’ of this revolution too.

Edible Beauty

Beauty-boosting supplements have swapped our morning latte. They’re instant gratification without any side effects (if done in moderate doses). These potent pills come in geeky packages that treat your every primary to secondary skin concerns. Your skin’s feeling dehydrated or the bags under your eyes need some TLC? No problem, just pop a pill.
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Beauty Milestones Of 2017 - 4

Holographic Glow

It’s iridescent, dreamy and three-dimensional – what’s not to like about the unicorn-dusted sheen that’s having a major moment? It began on our tiny bits, moved on to our lustrous strands and is now splattered across every cosmetic product (let alone our accessories and fashion statements). Hope this light-reflecting, colour-changing magic is here to stay.

Bespoke Everything

Limited editions, move on. Now on, the beauty market is at every customer’s beck and call, strictly personalizing your packaging, palettes, textures, fragrances... This trend challenges the status quo, where custom-made beauty was a niche reserved for elites, helmed by luxury labels. Now, you can get your hands dirty by creating a product that’s affordable and so fun.
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Beauty Milestones Of 2017 - 6

Felt Tips

It began with sketch pen eyeliners. Proving to be super convenient, they’re also bang for the buck with high-pigmented formula. Perhaps why our lipsticks and tints followed suit. However, nobody in their right mind would be able to predict marker lacquers as a transpiration. And yet, here we are. Time to stop painting your nails and start drawing.

Activated Carbon

What SPF is to sun rays; activated carbon (aka coal-slash-charcoal) is to pollution. Simply put, once activated, it acts like a magnet that attracts and sucks out grime, dirt and pollutants stuck in your pores. Wash it off and you’re left with a squeaky-clean face. Aside from detoxifying and energizing your skin it also treats acne, whitens teeth, balances oily skin, removes blackheads and brightens skin tone.
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Beauty Milestones Of 2017 - 8

On-Trend Store

Buy as much beauty as you’d like, but what’s it worth if you can’t keep up with the times? For the uninitiated, our country introduces brick-and-mortar On-Trend Stores that fills you in on the latest trends and techniques that’s specially curated and refreshed once every four months. Beauty junkies, you can thank us later for sifting through and eliminating the irrelevant.
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