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Beauty Talk: 11 questions with Masaba Gupta!

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Beauty Talk: 11 questions with Masaba Gupta! - 1
We at Beauty Book, revere Masaba as the Beyonce of the Indian fashion circuit. She came, she saw and created a whirlwind of style renaissance, thanks to her unique panache for prints and a fierce sense of individualism. Scroll down to find out why we would most definitely elect Masaba Gupta to run the world ANY DAY!
1. One beauty product that kick-starts your day!
My go-to steam distilled pure Rose water by Kama Ayurveda
2. Take us through your daily beauty regimen.
I like to keep it simple but effective: it starts with a thorough cleanse. I like to use a Cetaphil cleanser. Then, a few spritzes of a mint mist followed by my go-to Cetaphil moisturizer. I finish off the routine by applying Uriage Lip Balm.Then I’m all set to seize the day with a little help from a bright lipstick.
3. Name one beauty essential you are obsessed with.
The Evian Face Mist. It’s an instant brightener!
4. What does your beauty lust list include?
Tons of orange toned lipsticks as well as face masks for various occasions.
5. How do you maintain your skincare routine while travelling?
By drinking lots of water! Also, a light-weight, moisturizing face mask always keeps me company during long flights as I avoid moisturising a lot, since it makes my oily skin greasy. A moisture mask lets my skin breathe. If not, the best thing to use on a holiday is sunblock!
6. Tell us your go-to lipstick shade, suitable for any occasion!
Bright orange. I even wear it to work!
7. Any beauty faux pas you regret making?
Applying too much concealer! It feels nice to let some flaws shine through sometimes. Also, not moisturizing my legs whilst wearing something short.
8. Sneakers or stilettos?
9. Shed some light on your recently published, fabulous book ‘The Masaba Print’.
It has not been published yet. Coming out soon.(oops!)
10. What’s the inspiration behind your coveted clothing line?
Fearless, passionate women.
11. Given a choice, which magazine cover would you love to pose for?
TIME magazine, one day!
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