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BEAUTY TEST DRIVE: Formulas To Look Out For And Avoid

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Back in the content headquarters, we test hundreds of beauty products every month, so when something stands out, well we yell it from the rooftops. Yes, we take our job very seriously kaay. So this month, we decided to cater to each and every one of you (’cause you’re important to us, of course) based on your skin type.
Thanks to our ardent team of editors being a diverse bunch who’ve faced practically every skin dilemma you’ve encountered, we took matter into our own hands and managed to try everything under the sun to shortlist the best.

Here are the products that have earned a permanent spot in our cabinets:

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Contrary to popular opinion, having alcohol in your beauty formulas isn’t always a bad thing. However, if it contains extremely high amounts of it, it can work against you. Parched skin most often makes your skin layer itchy, so use a light cleanser and hydrate with a fragrance-free, non-comedogenic formulation to add moisture to your face and body. For your base, go for a formula with a lush punch of Hyaluronic acid or Ceramides to help hold the skin cells together. Oh, and for your lips keep a Paraben and SLS free balm handy (with a tint of cherry, obvi!) and your daily routine is donenzo.
Beauty Fact: Don't reach out for grainy scrubs or any sort of granular formulas to buff away flakes. They kill the natural oils present in your skin sheet.


Almost 85% of skin damage is caused by layering chemically concentrated formulas that suffocate skin. So, if you still fall under the ‘normal skin’ bracket maintain the good run. Don’t shock or confuse your skin. Start with an organic cleansing substitute in the morning like a slice of lime and honey to remove impurities. Follow this up an antioxidant-rich moisturizer to keep your skin plump and add a few blots of tinted beauty balm for that beautiful base. Don’t forget to finish up with a delicious lip balm with a crisp peach undertone. Let your skin breathe. There’s nothing more attractive than letting your flaws peep.
We call it FLAWless. 
Beauty Fact: Don’t procrastinate on your daily CTM routine. Just because you don't deal with daily skin crises, doesn't mean you neglect your skin.
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Oily skin is a tricky type to tackle simply because of what crops up if you don’t take care of it. For those who need some serious dabbing every hour or two, or wear super heavy makeup need to start your routine with a cleansing oil and proceed to a foam cleanser with .05 to 1% salicylic acid that promises to tackle oil without over-drying. Avoid astringents, they just trigger more oil. Moisturizing with a formula infused with Vitamin C helps. Coming to your makeup, get your hands on a silicon-based primer followed by a mineral powder foundation for a stunning shine-free base. More power to ‘Breakout Proof’ skin.
Yes, it’s actually a thing.
Beauty Fact: If you face a sudden dilemma, keep pack of blotting papers in handy. It coddles and keeps less resilient skin in place.

CONFUSED SKIN: Combination

Combination skin or as what we’d like to call ‘Confused Skin’ is basically a stubborn mix of oily T-zones and dry cheeks. But fuss no more because just like we promised, we managed to crack the code and how! So, start by getting your hands on a gel-based cleanser. Then look for an Aloe infused moisturizer that’s going to help soothe irritation, reducing redness. Go easy on your nose and forehead for this one but slather up real good on the cheeks. Skip your primer and jump right to a super lightweight foundation and seal with a loose powder. It’s as easy as it sounds.
Beauty Fact: Look for one word in your moisturizer ingredient list, ‘Retinaldehyde’. It has the same radiance-boosting and pore-cleansing benefits as retinol but is less irritating on flaky cheeks.
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CRANKY SKIN: Sensitive

Sensitive skin can be a pain as it increases your susceptibility to redness, itching and uncomfortable patchiness. Always remember to avoid products with fragrances, alcohols and colorants as these might contain specific ingredients that could possibly result in an allergic reaction. To avoid flare-ups look out for phrases such as ‘dermatologically-tested’ on your bottles. Start your day by cleansing your face with a non-stripping formula to keep the skin barrier intact with naturally protective oils. Hydrate your skin with an SPF 30 and Glycerin-rich formula that promises to defend your skin against damage and cloggy pores. Oh, and if you have sensitive underarms, get your hands on an Aluminium-free roll-on stick to tackle rashes.
Beauty Fact: Stick products in the fridge, the cool temperature will reduce swelling and redness on contact.
It’s safe to say that these upvoted (and life-changing) formulas certainly deserve a spot on your shelf. Oh, and we’ve started stocking already. Just sayin’
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