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Beauty trends from around the world

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We’re so excited about the beauty trends making waves this year. It’s all about natural beauty that reveals the true you. That, and some pretty weird but stylish makeup trends we can’t wait to try.  Check out what’s caught our eye (and fancy).
Monochrome Makeup, Oh Yes!
Smoky eyes and red lips are a timeless combination. But how about some soft, pink-stained lips and warm rose lids and cheeks? That's right! The Monochrome Makeup trend has taken the fashion world by storm. This drool-worthy look is all about dressing up your eyes, cheeks and lids in the same color palette. Plus, it's a super wearable trend.
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Orange Eye Shadow
After orange lipstick perked up runways, now it's time to wear the hue on your eyes. Yes, orange eye shadow is a thing! This sunset color adds that perfect holiday pop to your face. When blended well and worn right, this bright hue is actually quite wearable and looks absolutely stunning!
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Supernatural Skin
There are days you don’t want to wear makeup, but going bare faced is not an option. Go au naturale with a touch of ‘almost not-there’ makeup. Here’s what you’ll need to look dewy fresh and glowing.
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Rewind To The Eighties
The ‘80s were all about bold and daring colors. We’re delighted that this bright and bold trend is back! Dramatic eyes, heavy foundation and blush were all hallmarks of the ‘80s. Mercifully the OTT bits of this era have been shelved for good, but the big, bold colors are here to stay. And we aren’t complaining!
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It's Raining Glitter
Glitter makeup is having a moment for some time now. It’s a trend that can effortlessly go from day to night without much effort. Fun, playful and super wearable. From mascara and lip gloss to eye shadow and eyeliner, there's literally nothing that glitter doesn’t enhance. Get shining ASAP!
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