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Being On Your Period Just Got More Comfortable With The All-You-Need Sirona Menstrual Kit

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If someone asks a woman what the worst part about Aunt Flo’s monthly visits are, they’re sure to get a hoard of answers. The cramps, dull skin, hormonal breakouts, sore muscles, mood swings, junk food cravings, mood fluctuations, and various other painful and harsh issues. Let’s be honest, changing sanitary pads or tampons constantly can get pretty taxing.

I was introduced to pads at the same time I was introduced to the brutal and gory side of my ovaries. After over a decade of using them, I switched to tampons to avoid the mess and the rashes. But even that didn’t quite help the weight on my heart as I unwillingly jeopardized the environment, one dirty tampon at a time. Thankfully, we’ve entered a world where our comfort as women, our safety, our hygiene and the environment’s well-being are all finally being talked about and prioritized. Take India’s very own Sirona for instance. They wish to make this process more economical, and comfortable for women, all the while trying to reduce the impact of period waste on the environment. I sure am impressed.

Here’s a kit I made out of my favourite Sirona products that have recently transformed my red days into painless, effortless, and wholesome days. Read on to know more.

1. The Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup

This genius product has saved me from those unwanted frequent visits to the bathroom (especially those in the middle of the night), just to change a pad or a tampon. The cups can be used for about 8 to10 hours, plus they are re-usable hence fit for the environment, aid to zero rashes unlike pads, and are easy on the pocket. They come in different sizes based on your body, your sexual activity, and your flow.

My verdict: It’s easy to use and immensely comfortable. You can wear it and forget about it for 8 hours and be comfortable all day, all night.

2. Sirona Hygienic Menstrual Cup Wash

Afraid of hygiene and sanitation while reusing your cup? This menstrual cup wash will help you meet your clean and sanitary standards. Every time you wash your cup, whether it’s between your cycle or after you’ve completed your cycle for the month,  use plain water to remove all traces of blood, then add a few drops of this menstrual cup wash to form lather and wash again with water.

My verdict: It’s a lifesaver in terms of re-using menstrual cups. I’m extremely particular about hygiene and this wash helps keep my cup sanitized.

3. Sirona Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

I’ve always wondered if plain water and soap are enough to clean my cup after a whole month. This is why I keep my cup sterilizer handy. Before using this every month, I clean it in this easy-to-use machine that steam sterilizes it within 3 to 4 minutes. It is better than using soap or detergent as it kills 99% of germs without disturbing the appropriate pH balance of the cup.

My verdict: I no longer must manually sterilize the cup in boiling water (which always made me wonder if I’ve done it right). Instead, this easy sterilizer ensures the cup’s safety and hygiene.

4. Sirona Natural Anti Chafing Rash Cream

Is it me or are women prone to rashes and chaffing during their cycle too? Even my undergarments tend to bother me as I start sweating more than usual. Enter, this miracle anti-chaffing rash cream for intimate areas. It’s an all-natural solution with ingredients like Tasmanian pepper fruit, vegetable squalene, and agarwood oil. It’s great for post rash treatment as well!

My verdict: I’ve had a very good experience with this cream. No side effects are involved, and the rashes reduce visibly in no time.

5. SIRONA - Feminine Pain Relief Patches

As long as I have this product on my shelf, I am sorted. A godsent for women like me who double up and tear up with cramps, this wonder product instantly reduces pain and provides instant relief. It is a 100% natural formula with menthol and eucalyptus oil and it’s good for stomach and leg cramps, back pain and sore muscles.

My verdict: I’m unusually impressed. I hate taking painkillers as they tend to make me sleepy. But this patch instantly relieves all the pain without any side effects.

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