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Benefits Of Keratin For Hair

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best keratin based products on Nykaa

Has your hair been feeling supremely unruly and damaged? Despite summoning a squad of care products, does it still stay frizz-inflicted ? Well, if the answer to the above questions are a series of disconcerting yeses — it’s time to consider a keratin treatment for the hair. One must note that we are not referring to the keratin treatment offered, courtesy of your nearest salon (although that is an option) but a litany of keratin-based products available on Nykaa. Before we take you through the list of these top-notch offerings, let us pause and understand the functionality, the structure and the benefits of keratin for hair.

What Is Keratin?

Keratin is the fibrous protein which serves as the building block for your hair and nails. It prevents your mane from damage against external aggravating factors and extreme weather conditions. If your hair is damaged or stressed, topical application of keratin-based products, helps reverse damage and rejuvenate by bolstering every single strand, from the root up.

What Are The Benefits Of Keratin

As touched upon briefly, earlier in this article — the use of keratin bestows multiple benefits on your mane. Keep scrolling to learn more about them!

1. Keratin Helps Bolster Hair Strength:

Keratin is found naturally in the hair strands and nails. However, with time, this level of structural protein dwindles due to excessive styling, external factors and chemical use. This leads to the hair strands becoming brittle and hence, more prone to damage. To help circumvent this concern, you may use a keratin-infused product, which will intuitively fill the vacancies created in the shaft (keratin absence). And in the process, bolster hair health.

2. Keratin Helps Defrizz Hair And Makes It More Manageable:

If you dread stepping out in humid weather due to your hair frizzing, almost instantly— you ought to make best friends with a potent keratin concoct. An infallible keratin serum or conditioner will cast away excessive moisture and help dry overly porous hair sans the worries of tangling.

3. Keratin Makes Your Hair Shiny:

Who doesn’t fancy shiny tresses that fall so perfectly over the shoulders. We do! Since keratin prioritises hair healing from within by reversing damage, expediting air drying time and reducing frizz — it adds a layer of protective luster to the mane. It also makes the shafts naturally straight and well, gorgeous.

6 Best Keratin Products Available On Nykaa

Now that you know the benefits of keratin, like the back of our hand —it's time to employ a keratin-based product into your regimen. Lucky for you, we did some digging and are listing only the best of the lot for your consideration.

1. Best Professional Offering - Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Frizz Away Shampoo With Babassu Oil

Price: INR 1150 for 250ml
Rating: 4.3
Treats: Frizz

The Bonacure Frizz Away shampoo is used by professionals across salons — a testament to the efficacy of the blend. A bestseller from Schwarzkopf, the shampoo gently cleanses the tresses and seals in nourishment in the damaged parts of the volume. Additionally, crafted using the cell perfector technology, this formulation fills in gaps and strengthens the strands from the root up. Deemed suitable for everyday use, summon this brew for a guaranteed lustrous shine at the end of your wash-lather-rinse ritual.

2. Best Keratin Shampoo For Damaged Hair - L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo With Keratin XS For Damaged Hair

Price: INR 779 for 650ml
Rating: 4.4
Treats: Damaged Hair

Bid goodbye to damaged tresses with the L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5! The star ingredient of the blend, keratin (no surprises there), revives all kinds of damaged hair —caused due to styling, heat or pollution. The incredible formula replenishes the moisture content in the hair cuticles, dwindling the stiffness and the straw-like texture. It also minimises episodes of inexplicable split ends and brittleness by filling in the damaged areas of the shaft (where keratin vacancies).

3. Best Keratin Shampoo For Colour Retention - BBlunt Repair Remedy Shampoo With Keratin & Argan Oil

Price: INR 399 for 300ml
Rating: 4.3
Treats: Split Ends

If your mane is colour-treated, might we suggest getting your hands on the remedy shampoo by industry giant BBlunt. The unique formulation brings to light the fusion of argan oil and keratin, which help enhance hair health from the inside out while gently cleansing. During this process, the intensity of the hair colour doesn’t change a smidge, take our word for it. Additionally, the formulation also interacts with the scalp, dislodging dirt and cutting excess oil from the surface. One of the most popular offerings on Nykaa, the shampoo has been deemed fit for all hair types and textures!

4. Best Weekend Keratin Treatment - Tresemme Keratin Smooth Deep Smoothing Mask

Price: INR 600 for 300ml
Rating: 4.5
Ensures: Hydration

Give your mane a much needed TLC sesh with the wondrous Tresemme Keratin Smooth Deep Smoothing Mask. The creamy texture is whipped to perfection and once summoned, will grant you the mane of your dream — silky, sleek and gorgeous. The presence of argan oil, a powerful antioxidant, helps prevent oxidative damage and episodes of breakage. Use a generous scoop on the entirety of your hair after thoroughly cleansing with a shampoo to get lush locks for 72 hours at a stretch!

5. Best Paraben-Free Keratin Offering - Be Bodywise Keratin Conditioner (Paraben and SLS Free) - Reduces Frizz and Locks in Moistur

Price: INR 499 for 200ml
Rating: 4.3
Ensures: Glossy Tresses

Using a conditioner after cleansing your tresses is non-negotiable —the process ensures that ample moisture content is locked into the cuticles to help the mane appear soft and smooth. That’s right, a good conditioning treatment is indispensable to frizz-free, manageable hair and if you are looking for recommendations, we have just the perfect product! Be Bodywise's conditioner melds protein, biotin and niacinamide to help fill in the damaged areas in your hair– making it ultra smooth, healthy and glossy! The consciously- inclined formula steers clear of SLS, paraben, petroleum and has been crafted with clinically-proven actives only.

6. Nykaa Army Approved - Truthsome Anti-Frizz Conditioner With Keratin Protein And Goodness Of Shea Butter

Price: INR 399
Rating: 4.6
Treats: Frizz

The anti-frizz conditioner by Trusthsome helps seal moisture content into the cuticle and grants your mane with a healthy, polished appearance. This can be attributed to the au-natural harmonious blend, with shea butter, front and centre, doubling down on hydration prowess. Furthermore, the anti-frizz serum allows for an expedited air drying process of the tresses, keeping the episodes of frizz at bay.

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