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A hot new skincare ingredient comes out every year, and while they’re all great, there’s a set of understated, ever-reliable ingredients that will never go out of style: antioxidants. From Vitamins A, C and E to Coenzyme Q-10, Green Tea and Green Gram to Avocado and Goji Berries – there’s plenty of different antioxidants to pick from, and each one does wonders for your skin.

The antioxidant benefits run the spectrum from anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory to refining, toning and damage-reversing, you’re going to want to get these beauties in your kit ASAP: 

Best Antioxidant Products for Your Skin

Antioxidants for Skin - 1

1. St.Botanica Anti Oxidant (24 Active Oils) Professional Facial Oil

A good antioxidant a day keeps the dermat away, and St. Botanica’s Facial Oil is chockful of them. Packed with Argan Oil, Vitamins A & E, Pomegranate Oil and Grapeseed, this antioxidant benefits to reduce signs of ageing, boost cell production and combat free radicals to refine your skin’s tone and texture while replenishing it with these vital ingredients.

2. INLIFE Vitamin E 400 IU Wheat Germ Oil, 60 Capsules For Hair Fall & Acne Marks

If you are what you eat, then you should definitely include these Vitamin E Wheat Germ Oil capsules in your diet. Comprising of antioxidant essentials, Vitamins C & E, these supplements work double-duty to decrease hair fall and fade acne marks while also improving your overall health and wellbeing. A few uses of Antioxidant Capsules is to strengthen your memory, reduce muscle cramps and protect you from UV rays.

Antioxidant Capsules - 1
Antioxidants for Skin – 2

3. Age Lock SPF 50 Anti-Oxidant

Sunscreen is a skin essential, but even better is one that can prevent oxidation while protecting you from harmful rays. This pick from Age Lock has a heavyweight SPF 50 that is infused with a special anti-oxidant formula. This Antioxidant benefits the skin by preventing premature ageing and pigmentation by boosting your cell renewal processes, while removing dead skin cells that cause dullness.

4. MCaffeine Naked Detox Green Tea Hair Mask

You’ve might’ve heard of all the fancy vitamins and enzymes that protects your hair from damage – but did you know that one of the most powerful antioxidants is our favourite Green Tea? With Argan Oil, Caffeine and Vitamin E, the mask promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff and makes hair healthier. Just keep it on for 20 minutes after a wash and shiny hair won't be a dream anymore.

Antioxidants for Skin – 3
Antioxidant Capsules - 2

5. GNC Super Coenzyme Q-10 100mg (30 Capsules)

A superhero in its own right, Coenzyme Q-10 has all-round effect on wellbeing, skin and hair. That’s why you’d probably be surprised to know that it’s naturally produced in your body. As you age though, you start to make less of it and your skin becomes more prone to damage. Add it back via these trusty antioxidant capsules and you’ll see those wrinkles banish; sun damage, disappear, and your immunity boosted to perfection.

6. Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado

If you’re anything like us and like Avocado in everything, this skincare potion is meant for you. The world’s most popular tropical fruit is a rich source of Beta-carotene, Potassium, Amino Acids and Vitamins A, D and E – all of which have great antioxidant benefits. Kiehl’s’ Creamy Eye Treatment harnesses all of this and more to hydrate your skin and make it supple. Say bye-bye to bags and dark circles forever!

Antioxidants for Skin - 5
Antioxidants for Skin - 6

7. The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Replenishing Gel Lotion

While we always tend to put our faces first, it’s important we don’t forget to take care of our bodies too. This Body Shop lotion uses Sesame Seed Oil from Nicaragua and Green Tea sourced all the way from Fuji to replenish, smoothen and moisturize your skin. What we like about this one, is that despite its heavyweight green tea antioxidants, it’s super lightweight and silky.

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