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Best Brown Lipstick Shades for All Skin Tones

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Brown lipstick

If you are a big fan of the ‘90s, you would know that there is no better way to relive the nostalgia, than by donning a delicious brown lipstick (AKA, the dark horse of the makeup world). So, while the classic red is a go-to shade for those many upbeat events in town, browns on the other hand lend quite an edgy and a mysterious look. Ranging from rich cocoa, dark chocolates to sweet cinnamon shades, brown color lipsticks are having their moment; what we can’t get over though, is how flattering this shade looks on all skin tones.

The good news is that brown lipstick appears to be a beauty staple, most women are closely familiar with. Be it a light tint, a gorgeous matte brown or a glossy caramel hue, donning a brown lippy is indefinitely a cooler trend you don’t want to miss out on. Besides, there lies a whole new universe of brown shades beyond dark mahogany that used to be the hue du jour back then.

We’ve rounded up a selection of brown lipstick shades that will surely help you find YOUR best brown lipstick.

Finding the Right Brown Lipstick Shades

Brown lipstick for fair skin

1. Brown Lipsticks For Fair Skin Tone

If you have a fair skin tone with orange or red undertones, then consider brown lipstick shades such as red browns or pinks such as cinnamon and taupe, your BFFs. If you have cool undertones, try purple or blue-based hues such as mauves or berry browns that will flatter your skin tone like no other.

2. Brown Lipsticks For Medium Skin Tone

When blessed with a medium skin tone, you are in luck as you can pull off any brown under the sun. However, to get you acing in this makeup game you must know : if you are prone to ruddiness, avoid green or red undertones, ‘cause it’ll flash out the redness in your skin. If you’ve got an olive skin tone, most of the best brown lipstick shades will look uber gorgeous and give you a whole new window to experiment with deeper and more intense pigments.

Brown lipstick for Indian skin
Brown lipstick for dusky skin

3. Brown Lipsticks for Dusky Skin Tone

Looking for the perfect brown lipstick shades for Indian skin? Consider a matte cinnamon hue that can be the perfect fit for your pout and will amp up your complexion. Warmer brown lipstick shades such as coffee, tan, and pink will work as brilliant nudes and complement dark-skinned women with warm undertones. If you have cooler undertones, berry or blue-toned browns are your ideal bets.

To sum it up

Selecting the perfect brown lipstick for fair skin tones:

  • Go for high pigmented shades as they will create a brilliant contrast on your complexion.
  • If you have fair skin with warm undertones, opt for red browns.
  • Got fair skin with cool undertones? Try shades in purple or blues for a pop of color.

Selecting the perfect brown lipstick for medium skin tones:

  • Be it a dark brown lipstick or a light brown lipstick, medium-skinned ladies can wear any shade they want.
  • For those blessed with an olive skin tone, try deeper and more intense shades.
  • To avoid looking red-faced, avoid red undertones.

Selecting the perfect brown lipstick for dusky skin tones:

  • Shades like matte cinnamon are apt for dusky-skinned women.
  • Try experimenting with warmer brown shades such as coffee or tan hues in case you have warm undertones.
  • Go for cooler hues such as berry or blue-toned brown shades for those of you with cool undertones.

Next up is our guide to help you explore a diverse range of brown lipstick shades that will accurately complement your skin complexion. Let’s get started!

Types of Brown Lipstick Shades

1. Nude Brown

Attention ladies! This nude brown shade with warm undertones works like a charm every time. Perfect for dinner dates, pool parties or midday gatherings, this soft and muted lip shade looks gorgeous fair skin tones. For a more sharper and sculpted look, sweep a stroke or two of your favorite bronzer on your cheekbones to achieve that perfectly contoured look like Kim K.

Nude brown lipstick
Chocolate lipstick

2. Chocolate Brown

This one’s a dreamy pick and will give you a flawless look with a subtle touch of sheen; think a gorgeous 90s resurgence look replete with this chocolate brown lipstick—perfect for a sundowner or cocktail hour. Pair this with a minimalistic face makeup to balance the look to make your pout stands out.

3. Dark Brown

Amp up the drama with dark brown lipstick shades on days you’re feeling blue. Perfect for ladies with an olive skin tone, this one has the potential to make a huge statement—whether, you choose to go feisty with a dark-brown lip stain or a rich cocoa brown matte lippy. Pair this with shimmery eyeshadows and a winged eyeliner to sport a beauty look that is oh-so instagrammable. Love.

Dark brown lipstick shades
Brown matte lipstick

4. Copper Brown

If the traditional red-brown shades ain’t your forte, opt for copper brown instead. If you have a wheatish skin with warm undertones, try the sparkly orange-brown shade STAT. It looks exquisitely flattering on deeper skin tones and makes ‘em complexion pop. Team this up with up a nude matte eyeshadow and highlighter for a dreamy look.

5. Blush Brown

Perfect for summer parties, this is one shade that yells out lipstick goals! Encompassing a slightly cool tone, this hue is ideal for medium and dark skin tones because it is mildly poppy and won’t ever make you look washed out. Team it up with a neutral makeup and a hint of blush to sport that perfect no-makeup look. Undoubtedly, one of the best brown lipstick shades to add to your everyday makeup regimen!

Brown colour lipstick
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