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Best Creams For Dry Skin At Your Rescue

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Best Dry Skin Creams

Some of us love it, some of us hate it, but there’s clearly no running away from it. While most of us love how snuggly it is around this time of the year, the winter season can be downright brutal to our skin. The fluctuating humidity levels coupled with a drop in temperatures can result in skin dehydration. And this calls for the correct winter skin care regime.


What Happens If You Take Dry Skin Lightly?

Most of us choose to overlook a skin concern until it’s already very late. Dry skin problems are usually one such neglected concern. If you tend to skimp through your winter care routine, you might have to deal with some of these signs of overtly dry skin.

  • Constant itchiness
  • Redness and irritation
  • Open sores caused by scratching
  • Slight to severe flaking
  • Rough skin texture
  • Deep cracks especially on feet
  • Eczema and skin infections in extreme cases

So how do you sail through this winter while managing to keep your skin healthy? Simply include moisturizing creams in your daily skin care routine and watch the end of the dry skin spell. Sounds good already!

We have rounded up the best day creams for dry skin.


Day Creams for Dry Skin

Best Day Cream for Dry Skin – Lakme Moisturizer

1. Lakme Peach Milk Soft Creme Moisturizer

A combination of peach and milk on skin? Well that sounds delectable. Lakme Peach Milk Soft Creme Moisturizer melts into your skin instantly to restore moisture and glow. This whipped cream formula packs a peachy punch to dodge the dry spell of harsh winters. The best part you ask. This light nourishment is packed in cute tins that can be smoothly tucked into your purse. Oh, and did we tell you that you can go for straight up 24 hours with a single application? After all, there’s enough pressure for touch-ups with the lipsticks already.

2. Plum E-Luminence Deep Moisturizing Crème

Plum E-Luminence Deep Moisturizing Crème should ideally be your next buy to give your dry and damaged skin mega doses of hydration. With Vitamin E at the heart of this formula, it is power packed with ingredients like Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil, White Willow Bark Extracts, and Calendula Flower Extracts to boost skin nourishment while giving you a dewy radiance. Now we like the thought of that last bit, don’t we?

Best Cream for Dry Skin – Plum Moisturizing Cream
Dry Skin Cream – Lotus Herbals Moisturizing Cream

3. Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Deep Moisturising Creme SPF 20

How about investing in a moisturizing cream that also takes care of skin brightening? Enter Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Deep Moisturising Creme SPF 20. Yes, we just got you a good bargain. Oh wait, more brownie points on the way. It comes with an SPF 20 coverage to take care of sun exposure. Ah, the cons of living in a tropical country. The silky, smooth texture of this dry face cream glides effortlessly over skin making it an all-embracing winner. Tip: If you’ve seen patchy makeup days, girl you need this more than ever. Prep your face with this soothing face cream for dry skin before you go ahead with the base.

4. Nivea Soft Light Moisturizing Cream Tropical Fruit Fragrance With Vitamin E & Jojoba Oil

Dry, rough patches are the biggest roadblock to an even-textured skin tone. Enter the top lining Nivea Soft Light Moisturizing Cream Tropical Fruit Fragrance with Vitamin E & Jojoba Oil that includes a non-greasy moisturizing formula for supple skin. Also, isn’t the brand almost synonymous with the chilly season? Need we say more? Oh wait, yes. We would sign off with a disclaimer, its pleasant fruity fragrance could easily compete with your perfume so watch it.

Best Day Cream for Dry Skin – Nivea Moisturizing Cream
Best Cream for Dry Skin – Dove Deep Moisturizing Cream

5. Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream

Its freezing cold (read dry) and you satiate your desperate need for moisture with a sloppy formula. Bad move! To escape the dry skin quandary, ending up with skin in all its greasy glory can be a different nightmare altogether. Dove Deep Moisturisation Cream is better than its other creamy counterparts at the no-grease game. It absorbs instantly and locks in moisture for 24 hours and is competent for all skin types – dry, combination or oily.

As day slips into night, it’s time to pick out the best night creams for dry skin.


Night Creams for Dry Skin

1. Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream

A deserving end to a packed, hectic day is an equally pampering nighttime skincare routine. If parched skin is your biggest beauty woe, here’s an overnight treatment that’ll add supple skin to the morning equation. Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream enriched with the goodness of Lemon, Crab Apple, Tomato, Wheat and White Lily saves you from dryness while repairing damaged skin and improving texture. A budget pick, this one leaves your skin feeling supple and lightens dark spots, and freckles. Massage gently over damp skin at night for maximum nourishment.

Best Night Cream for Dry Skin – Himalaya Night Cream
Best Cream for Dry Skin – Biotique Night Cream

2. Biotique Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream

The Biotique Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream is a replenishing dry skin cream that works at taking the years off your face and giving it the much-desired youthful glow. A blend of pure Wheat Germ, Sunflower and Almond oils, and Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, this best cream for dry skin protects your skin from dryness and environmental damage. Carrot and Galangal extracts in this lightweight Ayurvedic wonder help maintain taut and supple skin.

3. Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Night Crème

Living the city life can be enviable and great but it can play havoc with your skin. From daily pollution to boozy late nights, your skin always ends up bearing the brunt. Now we hate to be the bearer of bad news but unhealthy skin shows. To the rescue: Lakme 9 to 5 Naturale Night Crème. The heart of this best cream for dry skin is Aloe Vera, an ingredient that penetrates right into your troubled skin and repairs it while you retire for the night. Known for its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera helps retain moisture in skin.

Dry Skin Cream – Lakme Night Cream
Best Night Cream for Dry Skin – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Night Cream

4. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisture Rich Facial Night Cream

Why do we love it? If incorporated in your daily routine, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisture Rich Facial Night Cream encourages skin regeneration overnight. It is enriched with Vitamin E - the powerhouse vitamin for optimal skin health, Vitamin A - the superhero antioxidant that tackles premature ageing, Aloe Vera- a natural hydrator known for its cooling properties and Cocoa Butter which is high in fats and known for improving skin elasticity. Moreover, its Glycerin infused formula allows quick absorption so your skin doesn’t feel greasy at all.

5. Goodcare Moisture Restoring Night Cream

Waking up looking fresh every morning can be demanding especially if you have had a long day. What you need is a cream that targets skin damage and promotes a glowing complexion by restoring hydration and lightening pigmentation. Goodcare Moisture Restoring Night Cream takes care of just that. Fueled by ingredients, such as Green Tea, Wheat Germ Oil and Dongbaek Oil, this nourishing cream helps clear dead cells and regenerate new skin cells. This hydrating bottle of Goodcare has earned a spot in our cabinet as the best face cream for extremely dry skin.

Best Cream for Dry Skin – Goodcare Night Cream
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