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Best False Eyelashes To Wear For Every Event

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Take away the fringe benefits from adulthood and life pretty much sucks. A round of Friday after-work shots, unbridled spending on an exquisite pair of shoes, or just turning up the glam knob with some very necessary fake lash drama. Speaking of falsies, whoever said that a pair of stick-on eyelashes are only meant to be an occasional indulgence, clearly doesn’t share our fetish for brow-grazing lashes.

If you’re a baby lashster and still figuring your way into the big dramatic world of false eyelashes, this is us making sure you never go wrong with your lash stash.

  1. Hustling At Work

    Days when you need your pantsuit to be sharper than your winged eye. When the bawse enters work with her regular cappuccino in one hand, pumps clicking, she means business. Her makeup is muted, her hair up in a sleek topknot. But ain’t nobody said she can’t rock a dainty pair of falsies while gettin’ work done, honey.
    Look for a set that adds oodles of sharpness and sophistication to your workwear. A pair of lightweight, single-stacked lashes will add the correct amount of fanned-out intensity to your boardroom looks, without coming across as exaggeratedly long and over the top.
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    Brunching With The Girls

    It’s a lazy Sunday, you’re out for a chilled brunch with your sister squad and will probably spend the rest of your day aimlessly window-shopping. Dressed in a pair of uber casual shorts, your can-sleep-in-it vest and tan sliders, your face is an effortless combination of brow-skimming lashes, just-pinched cheeks and a dewy lip stain.
    For daytime lashes, you want the correct lash length to complement your I-didn’t-try-too-hard charm. Nothing too fancy, nothing too demure. A pair of lightweight, criss-crossed falsies creates totally believable root drama that also works great for plans that stretch from dawn to dusk.
  3. Dancing At The Bar

    You are best friends with the DJ and can probably talk the bartender into a slipping in a round of free shots. Clearly a regular at all-nighter scenes, you’re a social butterfly of the highest order. Whether you’re going karaoke or making an entry at a house party, you need the ideal companion to them glitter lids and poppy lips.
    For the diva who doesn’t do subtle, a thick pair of falsies, probably double-stacked to perfection is the way to go. Don’t go too long, you don’t want your dazzling lids to lose focus in the boozey adventures of the night.
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    Dolling Up For A Shaadi

    Whether it’s dancing away at your brother’s baraat or being the doting bridesmaid to your main girl, shaadi season calls for putting your best foot (and face) forward. Be it the glitzy night of cocktails or a beautiful sundowner pheras ceremony, your wedding lookbook deserves the most gorgeous lehengas and the most dramatic lashes.
    Don’t even waste a second in self-doubting your OG choice of the longest falsies that the world has seen ‘cause big fat Indian weddings demand that shiz. We’re talking 3D, triple-stacked, mega-voluminous lashes so your peepers absolutely steal the show.
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