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7 Best Graphic Eyeliner Looks

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If you want to crank up your glam avatar a notch and a half, graphic eyeliner looks should be on your radar. The trend, a novelty of 1960, has stood the test of time and involves sketching geometric patterns (around the eye) in bold, unique hues. Steering clear of mundanity, a graphic liner is chic and bold, whether you opt for a double flick or a floating crease!

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your artsy side with an exclusive Nykaa editor-approved list of 7 best graphic eyeliner looks. Since this trend requires precise movement of the hand, we suggest you go for a design best suited to your expertise.

1. Chrome EyeLiner

 chrome graphic eyeliner look

Inarguably our favourite pick for the festive season, a chrome graphic eyeliner adds depth and drama to your eyes. Use a liquid liner for a thin strobe along the upper lash line or go all out with an alluring wing – the sea of options is never-ending.

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2. Reverse Cat Eye

 reverse cat eye graphic eyeliner

A reverse cat eye is runway-worthy – it adds an incomparable depth to your gaze. If you want to crack this look with (dare we say) minimal effort, add a wing-like tip to the corner of your eye! For a fierce feline look, use a deep hue and meticulously contour the lower lash line. Extend this strobe only to create a wing (an inverted tip) at the corner.

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3. Floating Liner

floating graphic eyeliner look

Popularised by HBO’s hit venture Euphoria, a floating eyeliner creatively leverages the negative space around your eyes and guarantees drama. Whether you want to play with glitter or bedazzle your look with rhinestones, the style demands intuitive use of colour and not (so much) strategy. For this look, you can pick any placement – the crease, the corner of the eyes, or the lower waterline.

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4. Twiggy Eyeliner

how to make a twiggy graphic eyeliner look

Twiggy eye makeup – the “It eyeliner” of the ‘60s – has made a comeback, much to our delight! The look entails a half circle riding the natural contour of the brown bone. Use your pick of texture or hue to create this semi-circle for a brighter gaze and an exaggerated look. Next, use a bright and bold colour to tighten your upper waterline. Remember, this strobe protruding on both ends shouldn’t arch up. For finishing touches, fill in the negative space with sprinkling glitter or rhinestones or draw on small shapes.

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5. The Double Wing

double wing graphic eyeliner look

Mastered the classic winged eyeliner look? Then it’s time to shake things up with a double wing! Guaranteeing “double the fun,” this look has several renditions on social media. But we love a simple yet striking double-stacked liner, which is easy to create at home. This stroke of genius will shine a spotlight on your beautiful eyes. Alternatively, you can switch one wing with a band of gems or a brushing of glitter.

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6. Celestial Ring Eyeliner

 trending graphic eyeliner look

This “spaced-out” (no puns there) eyeliner look has been doing the rounds on social media, warranting a mention on our list. To get the look, just create a hoop or a circle (in your preferred orientation), mimicking the rings around a heavenly body in the solar system. This is a low-effort look that seldom falters, and you can further jazz it up with an assortment of stars or pressed pigments.

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7. Cloud-like Graphic Eyeliner Look

dreamy graphic eyeliner look

To reiterate – there is no limit or definition for creativity when it comes to this infamous graphic eyeliner look. You can sketch precise lines for a classic wing or freehand florals and fauna on the lids – the choice is yours. Case in point, we have heart eyes for the dreamy cloud eye makeup in a striking purple hue. If you have a flair for art, ditch the regular designs and go full throttle! Add pressed pigments or a swathe of glitter for a nuanced look.

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