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Best Hair Fall Treatments That Works

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How to Treat Hair fall at home

There was a time when broken hair strands were a major red flag but now, numerous failed attempts later, you’ve accepted damaged hair as your sob story. Well, your crowning glory can be a happy story too if you know how to treat hair fall with the right treatments and good hair care practices.

Before we dive into treatments, let’s have a look at the seemingly harmless habits that are actually pulling your hair down. We have listed down a few habits that may spell trouble for your tresses.

  • Have you been skipping your meals lately? Missing your meals regularly will force your body to direct its reserved energies to the main organs – heart and brain – in order to survive the day. Your hair would not feature on the priority list and this will reflect in its deteriorating health, resulting in hair fall. Basically, don’t let crash diets get the better of a healthy mane.
  • We don’t deny that a hot shower is basically a quick ticket to heaven. But you wouldn’t tread that path of temptation, if you knew better. Hot showers could be one of the major reasons for clogged shower drains. That’s because hot water dehydrates hair shafts, stripping them of the natural oils, which means brittle and easy-to-snap hair.
  • Sometimes one mistake can ruin everything that you have been doing right. When your hair is wet post a swim or a wash, your hair strands are at their most fragile. Aggressive brushing and rough towel drying at such times can actually cause more harm than good. All the expensive anti-hair fall shampoos and conditioners you’ve invested in, there they go down the drain.
  • We admit that we are fans of the high sleek ponytail. But, it’s not advisable to always take the high way. Subjecting your tresses to tight hairstyles frequently can cause excess tension in the hair follicles and weaken them. Weaker hair follicles are more prone to snapping, which means increased hair fall.
  • Still think covering your head when in direct sunlight is too much of an ask? The ugly truth is that constant exposure to UV rays can weaken hair cuticles and result in brittle hair that breaks off easily. If scarf is not your thing, you can go for hair products with built-in UV filters to protect your tresses with zero compromise on color.
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Best Hair Fall Treatments

Hair Fall Treatment in Homeopathy

• Hair Fall Treatment #1: Homeopathy

Homeopathy is basically diligence at it’s max! You need to consume medication in the right dosage until the course is complete for effective results. If you are looking to revive your mane minus the chemicals and are patient enough, homeopathy is the way.


  • Hair fall treatment in homeopathy is safe and you don’t have to worry about side-effects as the medicines are prepared from natural sources, such as herbs, roots and insects.
  • It tackles hair fall problem by gradually eliminating its root cause, which is why the results last longer.
  • The medicines in the course of treatment don’t suppress the immune system or affect your health.
  • Homeopathy doesn’t interfere with any other simultaneous treatment.


  • The homeopathy treatment for hair fall can really test your patience. Be warned, you will be tempted to move over to faster working alternatives.
  • Efficiency of medicines on different individuals may vary and give varied results.
  • If you are seeking quick results, homeopathy treatment is not for you.

• Hair Fall Treatment #2: Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil works on our scalp the way the natural oils do. If you are looking to stimulate hair follicles and tame the brittleness, hot oil treatment should be your pick. Dip your fingertips into a bowl of warm Coconut oil and massage it onto your scalp, working all the way from roots to tips. Try ayurvedic massages on the scalp as they strengthen the hair follicles and reduce hair fall.

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  • The oil leaves a thin protective veil to keep hair shafts safe from environmental damage a.k.a. breakage.
  • Regular oil massages strengthen hair strands and keeps them from turning brittle.
  • It improves blood circulation which means more growth and reduced hair fall.
  • DIY in your pyjamas or book a professional treatment at the salon, this works either way.


  • This ayurvedic treatment for hair fall needs to be done regularly for effective and lasting results.
  • The oiling and massaging demand dedicated time reserved for the treatment.
  • It may take some trial and error to figure the right oil for your hair so you can see the desired results.
  • Last but not the least, you can’t step out for impromptu plans with an oil slick mane. We know, such a bummer!
Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Fall
Hair Spa for Hair Fall Treatment

• Hair Fall Treatment #3: Hair spa

How about a relaxing session of hair therapy that releases happy hormones, which then translates to happy hair? Sounds good, right? This treatment, customized according to personal hair needs, basically involves shampooing, an intense massage, steam and moisturization. A hair spa, done well, balances sebum production and stimulates blood flow to the scalp. A rehydrating and revitalizing therapy, It strengthens your hair and keeps it from breaking.


  • Hair spa treatment pampers your tresses while dealing with dandruff and hair breakage.
  • It eliminates dirt and bacteria from the pores and repairs damaged hair.
  • The deep conditioning strengthens hair follicles, nourishes roots and revitalizes scalp for improved hair growth and reduced hair fall.


  • If you’ve got colored hair, be prepared to lose the color faster than usual.
  • The hair spa for hair fall treatment needs to be done at least twice a month for effective results.
  • The treatment is time consuming and would take a minimum of two hours.
  • Though you can do this at home, best results can be achieved when done professionally at a salon, which can be expensive.

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FAQs on how to cure hair fall

1. Does frequent washing contribute to hair fall?

Frequent hair washes could be a reason for hair fall, if you have been using products that aren’t suitable for your hair and drying/styling your hair the wrong way. Harsh hair care practices could result in your hair becoming brittle and prone to breakage, which would eventually result in a greater amount of hair fall.

2. Can stress be one of the reasons for extreme hair fall?

Stress shoots the levels of Cortisol – body’s stress hormone. This pushes your hair follicles into resting phase (read, no more new hair strands). During such a phase, even gentle combing, washing or drying can cause hair to fall out easily. What do we learn? Take it easy if you want your mane to stay with you a little longer. Consider avenues that help you manage your stress better.

3. How can I decide which anti hair fall treatment is right for me?

Home remedies and medicines can work in certain cases, the rest should look into treatments. We recommend first reading about the various treatment available for you, along with the pros and cons. A good background research gives you a fair idea, you can then opt for a personal consultation with a trichologist for further clarity. That said, no matter which treatment you choose, remember that patience is key.

4. What are the benefits of hair spa treatment?

  • Stimulates blood flow to the scalp
  • Balances sebum production
  • Strengthens roots and follicles
  • Lowers stress levels
  • Reduces dandruff
  • Protects chemically treated hair
  • Smoothens hair strands
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