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Best Hair Sprays To Lock Your Style In Place

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best hairspray for women

Imagine, you spend hours ironing sections of your hair to finally nail the polished pony look before you step out of your home. Now, a lot can happen right from the commute till you reach your destination. Think errant hairs start showing up around your hairline and the nape of your neck along with unruly flyaways and bumps in your pony. Ugh. In other words, it only takes a few moments outside to wreak havoc and ruin your hairstyle. Does this mean a windy forecast spells death sentence for your coif? Absolutely not. There’s hope.

Sure, the weather ain’t gonna do your tresses any favors but you can still sport a look that won’t budge. How? A little spritz fest with your hair’s new BFF – the humble hairspray – will help fight the downers and hold your style in place. And no, this one’s no fair weather friend; it promises to stay from sundown to sunrise.

Why Use Hair Spray

  • Remember the last time you bookmarked a hairstyle on your social media feed and felt inspired enough to try it? Well, you tried to only realize it wasn’t feasible to hold the style in place and pegged it as not-so-practical. Now, if you had a hairspray by your side, the verdict would have been more positive as the spray would have helped create and hold the experimental style with ease.
  • Baby hair around your hairline and tendrils at the back of your neck are not always cute. Especially when you are trying for a power look which could do without rebellious flyaways. Hair sprays work well at taming the tiniest of unruly strands so your hairstyle not just looks but stays magazine perfect for the day.
  • If limp strands have always been a concern, volumizing hair sprays are like a quick fix. They help boost the roots and make hair appear voluminous in a jiffy.
  • The usual sinner guilty for your bad hair days? Grease. Now, the greasiness could be because of excess oil build up on scalp. However, simply brushing your hair with a bit of hairspray sprayed on it can miraculously make your hair appear less oily or greasy just like that. Voila!

Best Hair Spray For Women

Best hair sprays don’t work at the expense of leaving your hair weighed down, crunchy and limper. We’ve rounded up a handful of hair sprays to make your hair appear well coiffed whilst withstanding the cruel ways of the weather and wind.

best heat protection spray

1. Heat Protectant Hair Spray: Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray

A definite overachiever, the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray is a pre-iron product that packs 5 powers in one whilst protecting your hair from heat damage. Fights frizz? Check. Detangles knots? Check. Boosts shine? Check. Tames flyaways? Check. Smooths out strands? Check. Unbelievable as it may sound, while it works hard behind the scenes to ensure all-day hold, it doesn’t weigh down or dampen your hair.

2. Volume Spray For Hair: Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray For Extra Body And Volume

Flat hair can literally be a downer unless you get your hands on a vomulizing spray like the Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray For Extra Body And Volume. Thanks to its root-lift technology, this professional spray gel builds volume while leaving your tresses sensually soft to the touch. Its two-phase formula infused with Bamboo Leaf and Cactus Flower extracts helps you add that extra oomph to your style without any of the unpleasant stickiness. Ironical as it may sound, its featherweight formula can save your style on the stormiest of days.

volume spray for hair
hair spray for hair styling

3. Detangling Spray For Hair: L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Normal Strength Hair Spray

If you’re sporting a hairdo that really needs to stay in place with zero traces of knots and tangles, L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Normal Strength Hair Spray can make it happen. It detangles your tresses and lends a gorgeous shine with its micro-diffusion technology that sprays an ultra-fine mist for 24 hours hold. Also, the formula wards off frizzies to ensure silkier and shinier results every time.

4. Hair Spray For Shine: BBLUNT Hotshot Finish Spray

Not only does the BBLUNT Hotshot Finish Spray leave hair smooth and sleek, it also intensifies the luminosity to deliver a radiant finish. The micro-diffusion technology evenly distributes product to set your overall style with no room for flyaways. The subtle glossy finish with no traces of alcohol or sulphates is just the icing on the cake. Well, that takes care of your hair for the next party in town.

holding spray for hair
hair spray for frizzy hair

5. Hair Spray For Frizzy Hair: Batiste Stylist Smooth It Frizz Tamer Frizz Free For Upto 12 Hrs

Battling frizz since time unknown? To the rescue: Batiste Stylist Smooth It Frizz Tamer Frizz Free For Upto 12 Hrs. It instantly transforms your hair from flat to fabulous with a boost of texture and movement whilst eliminating the frizzies. Infused with Keratin and Inca Inchi, this spray packs some intense hold without leaving your hair sticky. Still not convinced? Wait for a windy forecast and test it yourself.

6. Hair Spray For Curly Hair: Wella Professionals INVIGO Nutri Enrich Nourishing Anti Static Spray

Enriched with Goji Berry known to be extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and peptides, the Wella Professionals INVIGO Nutri Enrich Nourishing Anti Static Spray deeply replenishes dry and stressed curls. Not just that, optimum hydration is restored courtesy of Panthenol and Oleic Acid which coddles parched strands with intense moisture thereby making it an ideal pick for frizzy curls. For best results, simply spritz it on the ends of damp hair and you are ready to brave the winds.

heat protectant for dry hair
detangling spray for hair

7. Hair Spray For Blow Drying: Aveda Speed Of Light Blow Dry Accelerator Spray

It’s a universal thing – your hair strands simply refuse to dry on days when you are strapped for time. This is why you need a dedicated hair spray that’s like a genie in a bottle. Aveda Speed Of Light Blow Dry Accelerator Spray is infused with sugar-derived Lactic Acid to enhance fiber separation for increased air flow around the fibers. Translation? Decreased dry time so you can get to styling your hair sooner. Besides, it has a blend of corn and coconut-derived humectants to protect hair against damage from blow dryer heat.

FAQs On Hair Spray For Hair Styling

1. Can I leave hair spray on my hair overnight? How to remove hairspray residue from hair?

It is advisable to wash your hair often if you rely on hair sprays to style your hair. However, a good quality hairspray won’t leave traces on your hair and will fall back into its natural position after brushing. Baking soda is one easily available pantry ingredient that can break down hair spray and make it easier for the shampoo to wash away any residues. You can mix baking soda with your regular shampoo and rinse your hair with this solution.

2. How to use hair spray?

Avoid applying hair spray real close to your roots as you risk saturating your hair with a greasy finish. Also, ensure the product is evenly distributed as you don’t want the product to be concentrated in certain parts of hair. Ideally, hold the hair spray can at least six inches away from your tresses before use for best results. If you have opted for a formula with brushable hold, you can also comb or brush your hair after spritzing it with the formula. This will make it easier to distribute the product and ensure a smooth finish.

3. How to pick a hair spray?

There are mainly two types of hair sprays:

  • Aerosol hair spray: Ideal for thin hair, it comes in a pressurized container that emits continuous mist to add volume to hair.
  • Non-aerosol hair spray: Ideal for thick and curly hair, it uses a tubes, springs and valves to release the liquid inside the container.

Once you’ve decided between aerosol and non-aerosol, you can opt for a spray that addresses the issue of frizz, lacklustre or flyaways.

4. Recommend heat protectant hair spray.

Best heat protection sprays include:

  1. Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray
  2. Ktein Natural Hair Heat Protection Spray
  3. L'Occitane Heat-Protective Control Mist
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